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Happy New Blank Year 2014!

There is nothing that inspires me like a blank plain white page. That blankness is always an invite to jot whatever thoughts, concepts and ideas come to mind.
The opportunity to express my thoughts freely,  without restriction and in whichever direction is an empowering feeling in itself.  Nothing has to fit within any lines or box and indeed there is no upside down or pre definition of what the page should contain.
I remember for a long time one of my rituals was to go to the shopping malls or book stores to look for the ideal notebook. One with plain white pages, not too big and not too tiny,  just with the right texture with an invitation that said ‘come write on me’.
I have now moved over to digital formats but the same criteria applies for my chosen app.  In fact it took a long time to finally settle on #Evernote, an app I discovered a few years ago but only started to use in earnest in 2013.  In part it had a lot to do with the difficulty of finding my ideal ‘writing pad’ – the favourite brand I actually loved I couldn’t find any more in the shops.  I suppose also, according to me, technology finally caught up with my quintessential pen and paper and offered a closer experience and compensating benefits that were not possible with the pen and paper system.  Three constructs worked in synergy to finaly win me over.
The maturity of cloud technology that allowed users to catch up with their data across devices and platforms at any time and place provided there was an Internet connection; the way Evernote integrated the idea of ‘cloud’ perfectly and in the simplest and perfect way that connected practically and philosophical with my idea of the perfect writers tool. The fact also that it was available even for Android platform when Microsoft OneNote was not made it easier for me to prefer it even though initially my bias was for OneNote.
Enter Samsung S3 my weapon of choice and I was fired up- ready to go!  I have installed Evernote across all the 4 devices I get to use in my day to day life.  It has allowed me, in fact encouraged me, to think and write at any time – whether tweedling my thumbs on my S3 or typing away on my laptops keyboard.
I must say there has never been a greater joy,  a more pleasurable feeling than a blank page that beckons me ‘come write on me, come, think, create. Be!’
And so here I’m writing this piece not sure how it should end, or what it should mean to you – if ever you get the chance to read it.
Well, It’s a New Year – another plain white blank page – an invitation to ‘live away,  create. Be’. If nothing, may this inspire you to imagine and create possibilities that suit your fancy and make you feel alive and  most of all fulfilled.
Happy New Beginnings ~ It’s a blank New Year after All!

Wishing you a #Creative 2014!


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3 thoughts on “Happy New Blank Year 2014!”

  1. Juma Ali says:

    Great stuff! Keep writing

    1. timitude says:

      Thanks Juma – be inspired too fill up the blank pages. It’s a New slate after all!

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