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Oh Friday: The Feeling of Friday

Oh Friday!
Just what I needed
Sigh of relief after a frantic week
Time to chill after the 360 spin

Oh Friday!
Time to go out and have fun
Hang out with friends and have a spin
Party up and dance the night away

Oh Friday!
The feeling of freedom
Time to throw away the loathed rules
Wish everyday felt same way

Oh Friday!
Feeling light ready for action
Background of music and positive vibe
Hit the road feeling high

Oh Friday!
Just as I like it smooth and easy
My coffee and chocolate and Jam!
I’ll drink to that!

Oh Friday!
Time to be ecstatic
This weekend will be fantastic
Forget all the stress
No cares and No worries
Oh Friday!

No other day like freaking Friday!
Can’t describe it all but
Just Thank God it’s Friday!

Dedicated to all those love Fridays – Wishing you a Fantastic Friday!


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