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Cracking The Code: What Do Men Want?


We are not that complicated!
They say it’s the food
Yeah, just know which cuisine
That’s the way to a Man’s heart!

We are simple as that!
For some its all about ass
Others personality and sass
Just ask how do you like your coffee!

It’s all about believe
And even a bastard can fly!
Believe maketh more of a man
And a star of him you will make


Take it easy and give a man some space
Once in a while to disappear into his cave
Cut him some slack let him hang out with the boys
Be easy on him on the remote one of his toys


What do men want?
Simple we wanna go to Mars
We wanna go big and come home
Behind every successful man there is a Venus!


We want the Glory
Return home with the goodies
Surrender it all in the arms of a mama
Yes,  women is what real men want!


What men want?
Respect and Honour
Pride and Sense of achievement
And you can have all the love and loot you want!

Dedicated to all the men in our lives and the women who love them!


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