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Poetic Wednesday: Just There!

Going through the motions
Blank-whelming emotions
Dull cloud of emptiness
Sadness – just there

Sitting still in boardrooms
Hearing nothing but windyness
When words are useless
Meaningless – just there

Picking the phone mindless
Staring the walls thoughtless
No pysche of spirit senseless
Lifeless – just there

Walking the corridors emptiness
Through doors and stairs
Spaces and windows pointless
Soulless – just there

Floating through time formless
Foods and all flavours tasteless
Dreaminess and haziness
Dizziness – just there

Moments of lostness
Feeling the loneliness
World upside down helpless
Motherness – wish you were here!

Dedicated to my Colleague; Take heart Edi – May God comfort you for your loss.  He knows and feels your pain.


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