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Creative Mondays: Shine My Little star Shine!

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We should never be so quick to throw away our dreams because of the difficulties we face, life stops the moment we stop dreaming! ~ Nancy Wyna

There are times when you feel like almost giving up in life. You feel as if you have reached your end when everything that you have worked so hard for does not pay off and all you incur are loses and heartaches.

As a new graduate in Kenya life can be vicious and unforgiving especially when you are seeking for a job that you had spent years in college and university preparing for. In college you have your life well planned out with dreams and ambitions that you hope to get out there and change the world. However reality sets in when you are already graduated and you are sitting at home with your degree and diploma not knowing what to do with them since no employer is generous enough to embrace you with no less than 2 years of experience.

The more the years go by without a job the more desperate and anxious you get especially when some of your friends land big jobs immediately without much of a hustle. You start doubting your abilities as you go to more and more job interviews and you never get the call and when you finally do, you don’t get the job for reason that you cannot explain.

When most of your friends have well paying jobs and have moved out of their family homes to live in their rented apartments, you are still struggling to make ends meet and you are still putting up at your parent’s home. Your life seems stagnant and at that moment you feel like you will die a pauper at your parent’s home. Friends call to invite you out for drinks but you can’t go because you have no money and you don’t want to seem helpless in front of your age mates who have made something of their lives. The more you meet them the more you see how unprogressive your life is, When they talk of their jobs and complain of their salaries not being enough, you wish that you would just be given that job for even half the salary and you would do it with a smile.

You get odd jobs here and there but they don’t work out and you are left feeling wasted and misused, you wish you had not spent all those years studying and wasted all that money on college fees if you had known that this was the life that was waiting for you.

You are introduced to people who agree to help you with your job situation and your hope returns. However they want favors in return and because you stand by your principles and morals, you are unable to indulge them and the opportunity is lost and you are back to where you had started. You wonder later if it could have been much easier to just give them what they wanted if only for you to get that job.

At times you feel so exhausted and hopeless and you cannot stop tears that flow freely from your cheeks as memories of all you have gone through over the years come flooding back. You are now desperate and are willing to do any type of job so long as it pays. Your dreams are still there but you are no longer sure if you are even talented or if you got what it takes to fulfill them.

Your faith in God is now at a very weak stage since you feel like He has forsaken you and is probably punishing you for something you had done in the past. You curse him every time you get and wonder if maybe your destiny in this world is to suffer. Your parents are no longer supportive since they think you should be helping at home and not be just a freeloader.

But even as you feel like it is the end of the world and you are ready to finally give up, and you even start thinking that maybe you are cursed, a voice deep inside you tells you to keep on pushing on, your day is about to come and your struggle will be rewarded. It is so soft and at times you cannot hear it or you choose to ignore it, but it is still there. It reminds you of all the dreams you used to have and tells you to start believing in them and to trust in your abilities, that if you can dream it again then you can live it.

Just like a star up in the sky that struggles to shine but is always outshone by others and sometimes even covered up by the dark clouds, we should never let out light dim away, just keep on shining and shining and one day the clouds will move away and your bright beautiful star will be visible for the world to see.

We should never be so quick to throw away our dreams because of the difficulties we face, life stops the moment we stop dreaming!

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