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Poetic Tuesdays: Miss Goofy..!



She had pink feet and Blue shoes

She looked weird and absurd
Rather goofy like a nerd
You would think she was mad

The boys in her class teased her a tad
She was out of fad that’s for sure
Tall and awkward like a giraffe
How would a date look like with Daisy

In those glasses and gawky dress
She looked clumsy and gawdy
A trade of bum and lazy
Yeah,  she looked like crazy

Well butterflies are ugly worms
Until they break the mold
Flowers are bland buds
Until they break and blossom

And so they break the mold
In time a girl becomes a lady
The same goes for Daisy
Overnight she became a Stacy

And the guys were biting their tongues
Damn who is that Damsel!
Pheeew! They were blown away!
Don’t be a fool my lad no one is ugly!


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