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Timspirational Weekend: Sorry Say No to Worry!




There is no greater robber of joy and happiness in our lives than fear and worry.  Worry nibbles away at our tomorrow at today’s expense.  It takes away the marrow, the core of our existence and never at any point is it worth it.  It simply doesn’t add to your life – even with all the nuances and sentimentality that are often offered as justification for the same.

In a way worry is a sterile force with the promise of a virile offspring in the tomorrow. It is a big lie; one never to believe and indulge in the first place.



Wait, so what are we to do when things are not going right and we ain’t sure about tomorrow? What do we do when we are overwhelmed by our circumstances and the dark clouds hang low and it seems as if all hell is about to break loose?
What do we do?  How should we go about this?

Well for me the words ‘Be Still’ and ‘It is Well’ have held fort for me in such moments of anxiety and uncertainty.



Yes, fear will ring hard and sound as your closest friend,
Yes,  worry will lie close like a pillow of comfort
Anxiety, trepidation and the feeling of helplessness will try to creep in such times.  By all means, never let it. 

Instead keep calm.  Be still and know it shall be well. Take heart, the storm will be over soon and the sun will shine again.

If you are going through difficulty; hold on to Hope.  Never lose Faith.  And yes. Be still. Know that God is in control.

 “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.” – Albert Schweitzer

Wishing you a worry free and wonderful weekend! Keep it #Timspirational!


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