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Timspirational Weekend: Encouragement, Oxygen to the Soul


Kind words are never wasted.  In times of difficulty and even when the sun is bright shining.  We all could do with some words of encouragement.  Call them put me ups, positive mantras or pat in the back.  We all need oxygen for the soul.



Times can be tough and sometimes we doubt ourselves in the journey.  Could do with a reminder when identity is under attack or just a positive word can spark wonder spoken at the right time. Oh, a kind word, a word spoken in season is like healing to the bones.  What an all new world it can create!

Fear and anxiety and sometimes hopelessness. Give a brother or sister some oxygen. Words of hope for a better tomorrow, a reminder that tomorrow is another hopeful day and the sun will shine again. A stretch of a hand, a gentle tap on the back; a hug and a rub. Sometimes a reminder of our common humanity is all that is needed.  Tell them it shall be well.  Tell them they have too far to give up or quit.  Breathe life and hope into their heart and soul.  Yes, take time to hold their hand in prayer.  Remind them that life maybe tough and unfair – but they are loved as children of God.



Yes, give them oxygen, give them that smile of love, hope and faith.  Because sometimes and mostly, all we need is air to come around and make it through; with air, we can rise again and move on.

Yes, all we need is oxygen – encouragement for the soul!

Wishing you an oxygen filled weekend!



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