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African Beauty: I Love my Gele!



They all look ravishingly beautiful, this must be a different event entirely as I meant to attend a wedding, not a big parade of colours, some with moderate patterns and styles while others are like magnificent imaginative hands stretched out to the sky in prayers, pretty is the word… Even the men were not left out with caps ever so lovely.

I wanted one of those, desperately needed to have one, I just had to. If it made these people look so amazing especially with their fine african prints and cute beaded necklaces that match; its definitely gonna look awesome on me

Its been twenty years and more since my first real encounter with the ‘parade of colours’ and I still can’t  tired of ’em, they are evergreen, super cute. Everytime I put ’em on my head, it just feels…divine, yes! That out of this world feeling.

Just in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about…you just have to attend a Nigerian wedding. I’m proud to be a Nigerian, I am African, I am Nigerian and I loooove my gele.

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