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Timspirational Weekend : The Power of Conversation



Conversation is a powerful thing,  whether with your self, with loved ones or even with people whose lip service we don’t enjoy. 

Conversations can either inspire and energize you or run the battery flat depending on which source you connect.  
There are those who you can’t wait just to connect and chat away with,  those who ignite the fire within.  Those whom a chit chat away and your battery is fully charged again and you are energized to go back at life with gusto again.  It’s all positive energy, and you feel like you can conquer the world, hike that mountain,  ride a wild horse,  go berserk in the pursuit of your dreams and passions. 
And then there those conversations. ..
Long,  hard,  boring, dead!….that run the life out of you. Yeah, those that you would rather take a grenade than face them. And so you avoid them, (you know who) like the plaque. 
Yeah, when by chance you bumb into each other at the malls…… you let that sheepish grin do the talk… and even though you will use the classic ‘nice to meetcha! ‘ line – you are never happier to vapourize from the scene before you need an ambulance to resuscitate you.



Lord, those conversations… they take the weight of the world and dump it on your shoulders, they suck you dry, leave you empty, breathless!.. You never wish to be stuck in the elevator with such people. .. (you know who).  Even the thought of them makes the eyes go dim. Lights out Alice!



Yes, it’s all about conversations! 
Conversations are energy. It’s about ‘convert’ and ‘verse’ – simply the power of verse or words to become energy, power.
Who do you enjoy hanging out with? 
Who do you dread or even avoid?


I’ve noted in my life, it comes down to one thing.  Conversation!

What conversation will we have? Positive or negative? What level of conversation? High energy /low energy? 
What will we create together?  Possibilities or Window sills?

Watch out. Conversations,  is life. Even the Good Book,  with words we create,  with words we destroy (paraphrase)!

Keep it #Timspirational!


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4 thoughts on “Timspirational Weekend : The Power of Conversation”

  1. timitude says:

    Ooh, no run for dear life run!…. I can just imagine…

  2. naptimethoughts says:

    We’re doing it right now!!!! aaaaand it’s killing me.

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  5. taris19 says:

    Wow I love this. Very interesting. This caught my attention because we deal with conversations daily. I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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