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Relish these soulful reflections and lessons for the soul… such divine wisdom as shared by Olivia Nghaamwa



In the last couple of weeks I found myself having to listen to understand, having to speak to be understood, to provide only the help that is required of me and not letting it be about me.

I came to realize that I do not fully listen to understand what I am hearing. I am always busy trying to figure out what to say next. In the process I miss important details.

I came to realize that I do not speak to be understood. In the process I become frustrated for being missunderstood or not being listened to.



I came to realize that I do not always stop to think whether the help I provide is the help that is required of me. In the process I frustrate those that I am helping and get frustrated when my help is rejected.

I came to realize that I should always remember that it is never about me. It’s about the Lord and glorifying His name. So it should be His will always and not mine.

And so through all this frustration and as things were becoming more urgent I decided to sit down and make a deal with the Big guy as I could not make it on my own.



This was my daily prayer to get me through the week.

Lord, help me listen to understand.
Help me speak to be understood.
May the help I give be the help that is required of me
And through all this Lord, may Your will and not mine be done.

What is your prayer to get you through a tough time or to develop good habits?



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