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Creative Mondays: The Art of Excuses..



Oft we live in glass houses, but we throw stones and we forget that…
We theorize, imagine and dream.. yes, we oft get caught in the world of idealism
Ideals and ideas are great, and if wishes were horses….
We tell tales and give excuses, we blame the weather, or worse curse the winds
Whence cometh thou, O beloved inspiration!

Reasons, seasons, blocks, there is always a justification for everything
Lukewarmness nothing blazing, neither winter nor summer
It could never fry a fish nor freeze any neither
I’m sure you have a thousand reasons why…
Oh, well why did the chicken cross the road?

And so the days go by and we never exhaust from this depth
The inexhaustible sea of excuses bottomless pit!
Lies we tell ourselves, truth when we’ve become so alien!
Imagining if only, oh, when Y becomes X or vice versa…
Oh, yeah, waiting for that perfect moment so we can pounce!

Oh, well who told you that tomorrow is yours to pitch?
Who said its all about your whims and wishes?
Tiptoeing, and being so careful not to spill the ink…
Oh, please as if you had anything to lose!
Writers, Write, Painters, Paint, Creators, Create… So what’s your excuse?

==> Keep Creating #CreativeMondays!


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2 thoughts on “Creative Mondays: The Art of Excuses..”

  1. Vinita says:

    Ultimately the root cause of all delayed creation is… The Inner Critic.

    Yes Sir, WE are all our own worse enemy.


    Great Post TimiTude

    1. timitude says:

      Thank you so much Vinita – In a way you inspired this post today with your amazing work. Keep at it – you are an inspiration!

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