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Poetic Tuesday: Unrequited Love

Courtesy: Unrequited love

Courtesy: Unrequited love

Our worlds met and belonged
Long before words were told
The perfect picture and map
Was drawn and cast a spell
The frame of two who belonged
The light of its shadow long
The match made in heaven
The God-sent tinder of my rib
Flowers spoke not loud enough
Countless dreams and imaginings
The lake of love welling to brim
I no longer lived, I floated
She was my pulse, my heartbeat
The one without whom life wasn’t
And I went to the river to bare it all
Only to find her all dressed up
The Bloom of her flower all hid in bud
And I coiled in protest so embarrassed
A bared soul without requite
An empty embrace, a broken heart
The strange place of unrequited love


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