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90 Days B$B Challenge: The Launch




Today I begin a 90 Day Bible and Business  Challenge. The idea is to have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the next 90 Days as I chronicle, reflect and work on potential Business ideas over the same period. To keep me accountable, I plan on sharing a digest of lessons learnt on a weekly basis (As usual, being the random person that I’m,  don’t even know in what format this will be. I guess this is part of the adventure, and remains to be discovered!)

So the 90 Days begins today, 10th August and elapses on 9th November, 2014.

Being day 1 today, I have decided to begin with the New Testament, with an audio listen beginning on the book of Ephesians, and will evolve my journey from here.



Interestingly, I haven’t done a concerted effort in such an area in a long time. Of course the launch of this blog at the beginning of the year allowed me to write on a daily basis for at least 90 days. I suppose, in part this has given me the confidence to take on this and more  daunting things in days to come.  As with all the other experiences and  experiments, will be sharing the insights and learnings as we go along.

Again, I invite those who are keen to join me in this new adventure. I believe it will be life changing in it’s own way. I also invite you to dare take a challenge of your own that allows you to grow in the direction of your dreams. Whatever makes sense to you. Go for it and feel free to share it with others. We are happy at the Timitude blog to hear what you have in mind. We are always here to inspire and challenge others to pursue their dreams and be all they were meant to be.

So to the 90 Day B$B Challenge, here we go!》》》》

I invite you to join me in this journey


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