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Poetic Tuesday: Tonight, My Love…



Tonight, my love I blow you a kiss
I send a whisper across the winds
To cast a spell of health and healing
Tonight, my love I whisper a prayer
I gaze at the heavens and look at the moon
I couldn’t imagine a night without you
Tonight, my love I think about you
Thoughts about us and the songs we sing
The oaks of righteousness, our quiver is full
Tonight, my love I stand in the fortress
Holding fort in our love nest till the sun’s return
For what’s a king in a castle without his princess
Tonight, my love you are here in my heart
Every nerve and neuron connected to you
Even now as you sleep I’ll be thinking bout you

Dedicated to the Tweet of my life on this ocassion…#GodisLove. I Love you so much!


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