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Poetic Tuesday: That Place..



Finding the trail through the woods
Tracing the steps to that clearing
Finding again that place
Where we met between the trees

Oh, not so far from the stream
Right there where heaven met earth
That place of enchanting encounter
Where hearts and mirth melted

Thickets and thorns now overgrown
So much has been since we were gone
That place so hard to find again
Where lovers once nested under shadows

Can you remember that first kiss?
The tingling feel of warmth and bliss
From that place we always will miss
Where are you birdie I’m down on my knees….



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2 thoughts on “Poetic Tuesday: That Place..”

  1. cc69_USA says:

    My heart melts reading this. Remembering…I’ll never forget. Sometimes memories are all we have and I cherish them

    1. timitude says:

      Precious memories…. Oh, how sometimes we wish we can go back to that time and place. Memories is all we are left with in our souls

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