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Poetic Tuesday: Likeability..




Some people we can’t help

We just like ‘em

We couldn’t hate ‘em

We wish we were with ‘em


No reasons why

We can’t even explain

We just like ‘em

We just can’t help


People we love we can hate

People we don’t like we can’t stand

People we like, we just like

We just can’t help


I don’t know

Is it the cheesy smile?

Is it sexy looks?

No idea, just like ‘em


But can we unlike?

Like we do on FB?

We just like ‘em

Don’t know why!


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2 thoughts on “Poetic Tuesday: Likeability..”

  1. Rasebud Interiors says:

    Yes, you’re so right

    1. timitude says:

      Thanks indeed!

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