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Dear December…




Did 11 months just whisk away so fast?

Can you believe it!

Well, I guess it just did… and here we are on the first day. After the Grace of Thanksgiving, the rush of black Friday and Cyber Monday… the last darling month of the year is here!

Well, for those who are counting that is…

December laughs,

December parties

December spends

December rests

December gathers

December scatters

December… not sure what else it can’t do!

Indeed the season for deals and discounts is here. The silly season… The spend season… and yes, at the tail end… the Christmas season. We all look forward to you don’t we?

You are like Friday to Monday… you are like the perfect Sun downer that allows us to wind down and take it easy… or is that not true?

So much for knowing there is no more time in the year to make our dreams come true.. And so we make resolutions for the New Year…. And this has been since Kingdom come. December sometimes is like the wisdom of giving a comb to a bald headed old man.

December… what dreams are made of!

And so in this treatise I celebrate you for being the last born among firstborns… the wrap up to a 12 month calendar… the season to drift away in the seas and the recollection of laughter and beauty among loved ones….

And yes for those of us who break the rules… the season to be hard at work with the knowledge that the future can’t wait… after all ‘Happy New Year’ is no more than 30 days away…

This is the time to rest and re calibrate; imagine and re-invent. Laugh and retreat.

So December… Burp! Burp! What’s there to say after such a heavy meal?

Not sure if this will come and haunt me on my target to diet… oh this calories… Can’t they just forgive me?

It’s time to be thankful though, whatever your experience. Remember, there are many who didn’t make it

It’s time to reflect; look back to look forward… the future is indeed brighter with the living and leveraging of everyday.

It’s time to exchange gifts, shower smiles… and even though it’s the silly season….

I celebrate you nevertheless!

Happy New Month Y’all!


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