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Poetic Tuesday: The Girl, The Lady and The Woman



The girl she was yearned for the lady
She could be and the lady in her
Reminded her of the woman she was becoming…

She was now a big girl
But not a lady yet
A pretty princess though
Some would almost say a woman

A lady had class and style
She was ready for dates and men
She detested boys and bullies
You had to open the door
Else you were out….

But the girl she was laughed and played
With boys, endless titter among the trees
The woman in her smiled and winked
She couldn’t however show full face yet

Romance and fiction was no stranger
Thoughts of eloping with a stranger
But would a Lady do that if they were
Struck either by love or lust?
Perhaps the woman knew what was wiser

What about the freedom to be?
The sheer folly of believe and be
The magic of Cinderella and silliness of kissing frogs.
No a Lady doesn’t do that!
Stealing kisses was a thing for girls
But wait. Was the woman too grown ass for that?

So the girl looked at the lady
And the lady frowned
But the woman smiled….
Who was wiser the girl pondered
And who was she….


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One thought on “Poetic Tuesday: The Girl, The Lady and The Woman”

  1. Nelson says:

    This a really wonderful piece. Classic!

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