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The Mind: You are The Main ACT!

Here is your weekly dose of thought provoking inspiration
from your coach, Adeola… To YOUR Success!



There has been a lot of talk about success yet success is a relative
term. Its meaning to me is entirely different from yours. There is
however a one size fits all definition to it and I put it like this
“living life exactly the way you want to, however it is you want to
live it”

Your mind doesn’t care what you feed it just like the land doesn’t
care what you plant in it. What you plant and nurture is what you get,
its what it’ll return. What you sow you reap. It always works.

We become what we think about.
Every valuable things in life are free but the things that costs us
money are nothing cos they can be replaced and everything really
worthwhile have been given to us for free, our mind, family, friends,
intelligence etc and are irreplaceable.

We take our minds for granted, familiarity breeds contempt.

Plant your goal in your mind, nurture it, care for it with a positive
attitude, visualize yourself having achieved that goal. We are the sum
total of our thoughts, we are where we are cos its really where we
want to be whether or not we admit it since we live off the fruit of
our thoughts.

An old Indian story was told by an old man about two wolves on his
shoulder one telling him to do the right thing and the other the
wrong, when asked which one won, he said the one he feeds, same with
our mind, there always are two choices, feed the success of your mind,
your positive goals and achievements rather than the failure.

Just like in the entertainment industry, you are the main actor,
producer, scriptwriter, editor etc in this play titled ‘life’,  how
that movie plays out is up to you, will yours have a happy ending?

Live without limits.

Adeola Bakare Uyeye

Successpreneur and Coach. Totally obsessed with Personal Development and Growth. Creative Versatilist with a Can-Do-Bring-it-on-Mindset. Passionate about Start-ups. Lover. Wife. Mother. Friend. And I Love Good Food!

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