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Relationships Thursday: Of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings…    



This is a BIG Deal… especially if you are a woman. And if you are “date-heavy“… as my co-host Janice would call it. Be Forewarned!
So it happens that I’m home alone, my App being away to attend our friend’s wedding in the seas far away, aka The Motherland.
Congrats Bennie and Nzissa on your BIG Day coming!
And so it happens it’s my Apps birthday today, an occasion that I observe today in reflection… but wait. The story doesn’t even start here!
Birthdays are a big deal. I don’t know about you, especially if you are female… and are in a committed relationship…
Well, I know some of you are going, who do you think you are to say this? Well, I know because, I know… 
Here is my suggestion try this at home; especially if you are male…
Try and forget your spouse’s birthday, 
Even worse – make a point of completely forgetting your anniversary…especially your wedding one! 
Yeah, after this let us know if the  UN Security Council will be required.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know I’m dramatizing it…. but I suppose that is why we have stories told in 3D in Hollywood… 
It’s not very far from the truth however.
I remember once…. and I mean once… (Pray my App is not reading this… she will be smiling all the way though!)
I guess I was just too excited from the joy of seeing her…. actually the pleasure of being with her….
Here is the story. I’m allowed to be mindless and abstract from time to time being the dreamer and Idealist I’m… and the hopeless romantic of course.
So I had arrived the night before, to whisk a surprise to my then fiancé very early the following morning… Yes, love from a distance is possible folks; don’t let nay-sayers lie to you.
That was our whirlwind romance, and so stealthily I show up at the gates to surprise her. Well was she surprised? 
You guessed it right… Yes she was. Beyond hugs and embrace, we were so happy to just be together…and then something very unexpected happened.
Yes, you didn’t see this coming… I got comfortable. And it’s a good thing to get comfortable sometimes… but it is a bad thing to get too comfortable… 
So that is what happened. Jet lag and all I fell asleep. Beautiful thing!
But the damage had been done.
Yes, I had forgotten to wish my App Happy birthday… all for the excitement of being together!
To date I’m still reminded of this one occasion ONLY that I ever forgot to wish her… even though I tried to salvage the situation much later in the day.
Of course it is with a smile and we can laugh about it now, but then I learnt that such things were never meant to be forgotten 
It shan’t , shouldn’t and  mustn’t… and wasn’t since Adam and Eve.

And I dare say, don’t try it at home!
So in this post, I acknowledge, dedicate and celebrate the one I love. 
My App, my Friend, and The Girl I married – who has made me a man among men.
To you my Love; Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns!
Hasta Pronto,  Mon Chéri! 



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