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Creative Mondays: Is Creativity and Art the Same?.. is Creativity Dead?

Art and Creativity


I pondered this post as I noted the comments and sentiments from our #CreativeMondays community on Twitter today on the post “I’m so I create… T/F? ” Given most of us are artistically inclined. We are a motley; poets, musicians, writers, thespians, dancers, designers, painters, all kind of kickass entrepreneurs and individuals. 

So the elephant in the room; is creativity and art the same?

And which is it? I’m so I create… or is it I create so I’m? Is it either, or, is it both?

Indulge in this discussion for a moment, if you will.

Here I share my perspective. Allow me in 5 points

  1. Art is not creativity, artistry is!

Art is not creativity… artistry is! Wow!

Creativity is not...Art


Art: the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance example – “the visual arts”

Artistry: creative Skill or ability

Well, well, well. Don’t shoot the messenger. Have a glass of wine and calm down.

Here is the deal. The low down on creativity

Creativity: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Yes, that’s right. It’s not limited to just the “arts” – it permeates all industries and spheres of society from manufacturing to science and technology to the flamboyance of fashion in between. 

  1. Creativity is not art, it is heart!

Creativity is a matter of the heart… and lesser of art.

Creativity is heart... not art first


It is the expression of heart… through art, in all its forms and more.

It is the breathing of the soul, the pulse of humanity. That imprint and inalienable and innate gift from the creator (no offense to those who hold a different view)… and thus we are all creators… or co-creators.

  1. I’m so I create… True and not True!

I’m so I create….

I'm not creative...


I’m so I do.

In essence; core. Being!

I’m a painter. So I paint

I’m musical. So I sing… write lyrics… harp away et al!

I’m a poet at heart. So I write poetry and rhyme. I ooze of flow…

Yes true. But not true if you don’t do!

You’ve heard of the truism. Writers Write, Painters, Paint…

So, if you ain’t doing it… maybe you are a surreal one!

  1. I create so I’m… False but True!
I Create so I'm..


I create so I’m.

I do so I’m…

I paint so I’m a painter…

I write so I’m a writer…

But is that really true? Is that really who I’m?

Think again… what else can you do, but you are not.

  1. Creativity is DEAD!

An interesting comment on someone who isn’t creative at all… is creativity DEAD?

Is this really true? Does creativity really die in someone?

I mean. Dead. DODO!

Creativity is DEAD. DODO


How many people have you met that believe they are not creative? But does it mean they are not? How many have you met that claim to be the smart-ass since Einstein? Are they any good?

I dare say this. Creativity is make-believe. It is because we both believe it and live it. After all is there a creative-ometer that can measure how creative one is? Does it mean just because something is the right fit or fix its more creative than the one that didn’t match? What do you call Lady Gaga’s dress code for example…Crazy or creative? And what would you say then to the perfect matching Gucci suit won to the same Grammy’s by the Gent next door?

Creative or crazy


Mmh, I poke no further your honour. Happy #Creating… and Happy Debating too!


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