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Love: A Perfect Timing….

Published Anonymously on request of the Author… Drink in the Pure Truth and Inspiration!



Love can grow in a cosmic instance in time in the universe,
When two people find that connection that allows both hearts
To find the exact precise wavelength through which to exchange energy.
That moment in time is like a bottle of clear glass, in fact thin glass,
Which allows light of different hues to illuminate its insides
Where the two hearts rest on a soft cushion of silk exchanging energy
In the most perfect rhythm.
The rest of the world seems to stand still in these magical moments,
As though its very existence depends on this exchange of energy.
Sometimes the energy expands with a mighty force threatening to shatter the glass
And at other times it is at rest like a lion lying still in the evening sun
Surrounded by its pride of lionesses.
Love is that incredible force that will practically cause the cotyledons
To break out of the seed, pregnant and ready to germinate,
And burst their shoot towards the sun.
Love is one perfect soul living in two bodies.


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