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18 Lessons on Creativity from the #CreativeMondays Community for 2014!

Qs: What’s the biggest creativity lesson for you this year? #CreativeMondays



@WORRODRoger : – If U’re a writer, not 2 trust anyone from CIA (USA), KGB (Belarus) or GCHQ (UK)

@FNgeru : – Pour out all your thoughts for a perfect piece

@FlairCreativ : – Stay true to self. In the end, it’s all we’ve got.

@TorturdCyclone : without the perspiration from following up, creative inspiration is hollow

@RobertMihaly1 : – Same as in many years…you CAN make something from “nothing”…(with) just imagination

@tomcottar : Always choose bravery over safety..

‏@LitaTweets: Biggest lesson is creativity often flows between thoughts, not during them.

@DuchessShire: Make time for #creativity! D.S.

@rammadu : it should be shared to be truly beneficial…

@CamWylde : Letting go and just doing..

@jasonsmithwritr : Take a break from writing from time to time to clear your thoughts

@DanielleProphet : Sometimes LIFE makes it hard to find the time.

‏@trishtivareal : for me it’s been ‘your dreams are valid regardless’

@MikePaineShow What I create is not cheap or free, #creativity is priceless..!

[Also] Rewards are more than monetary; they can help give a dream a voice!

@truindian : That in the end it’s love which saves us; so love & feel the magic of #CreativeMondays

@LauraHaydenFun : Create what is true to me (YOU)

Last and perhaps what rings true across them all [my fav]**….wink* wink**

@gux007 : It [creativity] never stops. Creativity is a gift that keeps giving. A free gift indeed

Thanks indeed for the Spirited participation and contribution on this topic. Keep Creating.. #CreativeMondays never stops!


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