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Relationships Thursday: The Power of Relationships



“Quality of Life is determined more than anything else by the Quality of Relationships one has”

I conjured the above statement in reflection to a decision i made several years ago. That I will put a premium on value adding relationships and its a core value that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. As I look back at my journey so far, I cannot but see the footprints of people, connections, friends, colleagues, partners that have made my journey so far even possible. Relationships is indeed a premium value I wouldn’t compromise for anything, not even for money.

In this post I chronicle some of the relationships that have influenced and impacted my journey so far.

Leaders – I have been privileged to know and to follow a few over the years, some from up close, others from a distance. The leaders that I have maintained their follow have been those that have influenced others positively, for greater purpose and for legacy. In this regard, I have maintained my great admiration for people like John Maxwell who to date has trained and equipped more than 6 million leaders around the world through his organization Equip. He remains the leader of leaders I have great respect for.

Encourager’s – Encourager’s can be far in between. There are those on a mission to reach out and add value by inspiring the best of others. In my walk God has been gracious to allow me to connect with this messengers even though in whispers. I know sometimes we imagine that somebody should knock on your door and blare the hallelujah song of encouragement for us to hear. In my experience, it has been subtle. A smile, a pat on the back, and I will never forget “Always Live in Hope” words from my late uncle that still echo on several years later.

Role Models & Mentors – Once again this has not been an easy one for me. I wouldn’t pretend either that it has been easy to find role models and mentors. This I realized was not peculiar to me. Indeed worthwhile models and mentors can be hard to find. This difficulty made me embrace possibilities in an Internet world. It has been a joy to connect with some mentors through the power of technology who have added tremendously to my journey. I also made a choice to mentor others and challenge others to live out their potential.

Coaches – Perhaps this relational group has been responsible the most for my progress and journey so far. The value of helping with clarity, inspiring creativity, providing accountability is perhaps the most magical thing that ever happened to me. In Fact, to Einsteins comment that Compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the world, I would contend that Coaching is perhaps the 9th or 10th. Absolutely essential for anyone who is keen on taking on a worthwhile journey. I’m able to write this post ( in 15 minutes flat or less) largely thanks to coaching.

Haters / Other mission minded – I have never been really big on hate… and I do genuinely believe I dont have enemies. I know you may disagree my view however is that along the way we encounter other people with other agenda. Personally I choose not to nominate them as enemies, even those who seem to be in opposition of what I’m about. I let them be as I have a calling and mission that is compelling enough and wouldn’t waste my time and energy validating others who are for a different cause. Well that is my view, but yeah, opposition and challenge is part of the game.

Lovers / Fans – And just as there is opposition there are those who are routing for our success. They are a motley of them, some of them even willing to run the distance with us. Others willing to make sacrifices to see our dreams come true. Wherever they are, whoever they are learn to appreciate them and treasure them as they will give you wind under your wings to soar to higher heights. I’m one who gets obsessed when I connect with someone or a message that resonates with me. I will make the effort to echo and broadcast to as many as I can. This weekend [Saturday] I have the unique privilege of sharing and highlighting 25 individuals who I believe are not only cool, but are an inspiration in its best essence. Watch out for 25 Timspirational People for 2014..
I want everyone to know how cool this guys really are.

Kindred Spirits – Last and importantly, those who connect with us and feel us. Those who know what it means to be on this journey. Those who will smile on the by side and nod with a note of “I feel you.. ” I know what you are about…. ” I know what your cause is all about.. It feels truly special to be connected to others who are in the now moment with us… and are in the future moment when we have made it to the mountain peak. Those who will pause and listen, those who will look at us and by looking at them we know that we are on course and on the same mission. Truly kindred spirits bring out the beauty and magnificence of life and the magic to behold that has the power to charm us on in our sojourn for our truth, our life, our potential, our passion and purpose.

This post is a pre-amble and a tribute to the relationships I have had, some that will be chronicled in the #25Timspirational People post that will be published on 20th December (Saturday). Be on the look out for it.


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