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Motivation: Are you acting out of Love or Out of Fear?

“We either act out of LOVE or out of FEAR”!



We all face circumstances that are challenging and maybe frustrating, not necessarily because we have done anything wrong but because the reality of life is such, we all go through something, somethings painful, somethings hurtful and sometimes we deal with a lot of crap too, like it or not, but the good thing is, we can sure grow from such.

Moment to reflect:
This week I’ve had to deal with something and yes, I found myself upset, heart raising and I was frustrated. After a moment, I realized that I needed to calm down, often what upsets us has nothing to do with what is happening but mostly with what we think, what we think is happening, our thoughts about what is happening upsets us. I soon realized what was mostly behind my frustration, and it was FEAR, FEAR of “being judged”, out of my thoughts of how “am going to be looked at” I found myself having to explain all sorts of things, all because I didn’t want to be “judged”. The truth is, I was acting out of FEAR, FEAR of what the other person is going to think of me, this is not even real, it’s just in my head, the other person may not be even thinking what I am thinking, but of cause this happens very quickly that one hardly ever gets to notice these kind of thoughts until you have taken your calm.

In any situation, we are either acting out of LOVE or out of FEAR.
FEAR will push, FEAR will force, FEAR will generate anger, FEAR will resist. But LOVE will do what is best, LOVE will acknowledge, LOVE will be considerate and LOVE will let it be.

How can we manage to break out of this crazy circle of frustration; here are some questions we can ask ourselves:

1. What is the worse thing that can happen?
2. What can I do?
3. What is out of my control?

Soon after these questions, you will either realize the situation is not as bad as your mind is making it out to be, you will gain wisdom of where your real frustration is coming from or you will find comfort in that you have done your best and if not, you will find ways of doing what you need to do but frustration will not be part of it, why? Because you either have done your best and you can rest on that fact or you are doing your part and you don’t have time to entertain frustration, because frustration only comes when we are feeling stuck, when we are trying to control what is out of our control or when we are entertaining our FEARS. The truth of the matter is this, things will not always go our way and during such times, we need to be kind to ourselves and not allow our frustrations, our “FEARS” to overpower us but rest in the fact that, all things are working together for our good, because they really are..

Have you been acting out of LOVE or out of FEAR?


Zanele is an Author of two upcoming books and a Wellness Consultant and Mentor. She has a sparkling personality and a strong catchy spirit and regards herself as ‘reserved extrovert’. As a mother and a friend she is tender-hearted and loving and runs a mentorship programme for pre-teens and teenagers with her daughter. She is passionate about writing/journaling, wellness, personal development and family.

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