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The 25 Timspirational People for 2014!

You have been chosen for GREATNESS


Over the past period I have had the privilege of meeting so many amazing and outstanding people, in person and online – via social media [mostly Twitter and LinkedIn] and of course via The Timitude blog which is now and our weekly connection point – The Middle of Nowhere Show.

In this post I highlight the most outstanding individuals that make the Inaugural Top 25 #Timspirational people for 2014. This are individuals who had the biggest impression and impact on me, and more importantly in their own right, they epitomize the one or 3 of the characteristics of highly magnetic people among others.

“This post is a personal tribute to who they are, what they are about and a vote of note on their greatness and significance not only in the sphere but to the world. In essence, as a platform that is all about Inspiration Powered YOUR Creative & Authentic Self-Expression, we connect with what you are about and would like to share the same with others in the world that resonate with you.

And so let’s begin… in no particular order here we go!

1. Lucia Supova – now Lucia Dinga Supova is the person I can credit the most for getting me started on my creative journey. Through her coaching she single-handedly got me started on the trajectory I’m on today; without her even this platform (yes wouldn’t exist. She helped me re-discover my first love, writing, and to rebuild my sense of confidence and this is what has allowed me to be what I’m today. Though she has been on my network for longer than a year, I’m most grateful to acknowledge her influence and highlight her work to the world. She is a sweet and awesome person to connect with, and without a doubt one that you want to have on your side.

Here is what Lucia is up to in 2015…

At the beginning of January I will finish my certification course in Positive Psychology with Dr Tal Ben-Shahar and I am keen on paying forward to the world what I have learned and practiced so far. My hope is that every day we open ourselves a bit more to appreciation, gratitude, compassion, love, joy, care and connection. My work is fuelled by the belief that even small changes for the better can have big impact on our well-being, on the well-being of those around, and by the ripple effect on the entire world.

Find out more about her on her website
Or you can connect via email here: coachingforahappierlife(at)

2. Janice Plado Dalager, a.k.a TheJPD – She is my coach ( I call her my favourite person in the world!),and together we co-host The Middle of Nowhere Show, a social experiment we began this year in April that has had such an impact on both our lives and others. She is the person who enabled become a reality, and the creation of #CreativeMondays, a buzzing community of Creatives that began in earnest in January 2014. She epitomizes the best of partnership and unlocking other people’s potential – through coaching and the art of powerful conversations. Though we met slightly over a year ago (via LinkedIn again!), our interaction has grown and will continue to grow into the future. As an all-rounder, a geek, a friend and all awesome parent, she is somebody you would like to connect with, easily via the Middle of Nowhere Show (Live or on Demand), via #CreativeMondays space or yeah you can drop her an email or catch her on Twitter

Email: soulmatefromwithin [at]

3. Tim Alur – I’m most grateful to have met Tim this year (once again via LinkedIn). I believe it was a God connection not only the time I met him, but also that I finally met someone who I would consider a mentor, a friend and a role model. Through all my life, I have struggled to find real mentors who are able to challenge me enough and add value to me, more so men. In this regard, Tim has not only been a great mentor, he is also someone I admire greatly for his practical wisdom, especially in navigating difficult terrains in career, business and personal life. His input particularly helped me greatly navigate very difficult career challenges earlier in the year.

Tim has a wealth of understanding of the human psyche – with profound practical insight in Emotional Intelligence and wisdom for daily living.

Here is a quote from Tim that will greatly inspire you:

“Loneliness is not the absence of a crowd but the experience of being denied of the individual’s presence, which is the desire for dignity, purpose and companionship” ~ Tim Alur, 2014

Tim is reachable on Timalur[at]
You can also connect with Tim on LinkedIn:

4. Clem McGrath – I would say he is my mentor of mentors on business aspects and the person who has challenged me the most this year on an area I have been very keen to grow in for some time. I credit Clem for so graciously reaching out to me and getting me clear on my greater sense of focus and mission in the business sphere. Indeed, I’m still in growth phase on some of the areas we have covered so far and I must say he set me on a very good stretch zone that has made my 2014 worthwhile. Clem in his mien genuinely believes in adding value to people and is very passionate about leaving a legacy. It has been such a joy to have met him (again via LinkedIn) and worked with him on my growth path. He is someone who I have lots of respect for, and one whom I recommend to anyone who is keen on getting started on business or needs to work on turning around things.

For more details visit the website 
Also connect with him on Facebook:

5. Trevlyn Ainsworth – Perhaps no one has impressed me so much in recent years in terms of their versatility, effervescence and all round eclectic persona as Trevlyn. She is fascinating and fabulous through and through, one of those people you would never guess what they are up to next. Highly self-actualized, totally caring (yes, she cares about nature, animals and everything in between) and with a feisty creative psyche to match! I met Trevlyn earlier this year (in a training event around town), and our friendship and interaction has only grown. She embodies the best of the human spirit and the best possible of us, if we can transcend stereotype, prejudice and all vices that take us back as the human race. In fact her magnetism was so compelling we had to have her at the Middle of Nowhere! You gotta listen to this episode for sure so you get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Listen to the Episode here:
Catch some recollection of her here: 
Also look out for Trevlyn’s regular column coming soon on

6. Camille Wylde – She writes poetry like no other. Her work is soulful, sensual and spiritual and embodies the essence of who she is as an author, poet and painter. Our initial interaction was via #CreativeMondays on Twitter. I could tell there was such a depth about her that the world needed to know of. So I began to share some of her pieces, and the resonance was obvious. Camille is authentic, raw; real soul food for the romantic heart. She is the author of the upcoming erotic novel Dark Stranger and a compilation of erotic poetry Echoes from My Soul. She will be our first #CreativeMondays feature, discussing her work and her voice on on 21st Dec. Truly a #Timspirational voice full of fervour and creativity.

Read and connect with excerpts of Dark Stranger and her poetry
Also find out more about her on and
Connect on Facebook / Twitter:

7. Duchess of the Shire (D.S) is one fascinating character; truly Victorian, quintessential and downright talented – that has lit up #CreativeMondays with their charm and beautiful writings. In fact D.S is among the co-founders and creators of the #CreativeMondays creative space and has ensured an enthralling supply of fascinating stories and reads every week. Beyond #CreativeMondays, I have encountered the persona behind this fascinating work of art, and they are definitely the kind of person you would want to know more about over a Pina Colada in the cool breeze of the ocean somewhere in the beautiful outdoors of the world.

Follow her work here:

8. Tom Cottar – Tom is the witty and humorous voice in the #CreativeMondays Community. He is both gracious and humble, a perfect gentleman whose heart and soul is music. He is passionate about making a difference in the life of others through music. He is a man on a mission, and you can find out more about him and his upcoming projects on He will also be featured on on 29th Dec and you can hear all about his amazing work, passion and upcoming projects. Meantime catch up with Tom on Website and social media pages.


9. Stacey Curry Lee – I know this will register as a surprise for you Stacey, but I acknowledge you as the one person who nurtured #Timspiration. I know the concept was just an experiment for me at the time, but you validated it through your likes and comments especially on LinkedIn. One comment from you in particular made me realize that the 140 characters that I could manage to write at the time could one day be worth something more. It was from that the Timspirational Journey began, and now we speak of #Timspirational People for 2014…!! Yes, you had to be one of them because without your encouragement this couldn’t be. Stacey Lee has also been a great enthusiastic support of the #CreativeMondays movement and it such an honour to share bragitudes of who you are and what you are about to the world. I’m sure many would benefit from your coaching, encouragement and good heartedness.


10. Janes Mann (@JanesinToronto) – She is simply my “Likeable” person of the year. Easy, sweet and beautiful inside out; her passion for love poetry is without a doubt and she has inspired the growth of #PoeticTuesday which is the hidden secret gem of I have always said if you stripped me to my essence, what would be left would be a poem. And so for the deep love for poetry and its expression, I salute a kindred soul that even though we have only interacted on Twitter, the reverberation is greater into the world of those who treasure and cherish the ability to express all the beauty, love and magnificence that colours our worlds.

To connect:

11. Zanele Nkosi – She is easily the voice of inspiration in the Southern Hemisphere and my favourite writer in town. We only met a month ago, and I knew right from the word go that she had a message for the world. Zanele oozes out of potential and greatness the moment you meet her. She has a gracefulness of spirit that is endearing and I’m greatly convinced about her greater mission to the world. Watch out Oprah here we come! Bringing the hopes, aspirations and dreams of many across the beloved mother continent, Africa! She is not only a great parent, but a mentor and an upcoming coach and soon to be published author. Watch out for her, she is going places in 2015 and beyond.

Here is what Zanele is upto in 2015;

I believe home is where the heart is and I would like to inspire people to live from their hearts, to honor their life’s calling, to work with their life’s experiences and to have a more fulfilling existence. In 2015, watch the space as we launch the new blog for this exciting way of living, living from the heart.

And a beautiful quote that she shares that i totally love.

“When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you treat them you will treat yourself. As you think of them you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in them you will find yourself or lose yourself” ~ Iyanla Vanzant (Book: Yesterday I Cried)

Read all her inspirational writings here:

12. Adeola Uyeye – She is your unmistakable success coach and positivepreneur (Yip, we just sneaked in that into the English language – O!). Perhaps no person epitomizes “coachability” as her, no wonder she has trail blazed brilliant posts on Thinking, Attitude, Success every Wednesday on I have known Adeola for a couple of years now, and I have been convinced beyond doubt that she will be a super successful “Successpreneur” in the fields of human motivation and development. She has literally taken up all the challenges (and believe me, you wouldn’t dare me for a challenge) I have thrown at her with such an overcoming spirit and courage. She will be among the global trailblazers from Mother Africa to influence and impact the world in years to come. Watch out.

Read all her inspirational writings here:

13. Nancy Wyna – Nancy is perhaps the biggest discovery for this year with the most read posts to date on the ageless topic of relationships. Her piece on The Ex-Nightmare struck a cord with the readers and remains the most read post to date. She is one of the up and rising stars to watch in the coming days as the Relationships Thursday column remains a highlight. Unmistakably Nancy is your friend and truth teller – she has very unique perspectives on Relationships that you should read about.

Read all her relationships pieces on:

14. Imani Ngeru – Imani is the latest voice to the family. She is an avid #CreativeMondays enthusiast and has done lots of creative projects in the course of this year that include running her blog and writing for several online publications as well as her passion – photography. As part of the voices she will be writing on faith and spirituality related topics and you can watch out for her posts every Sunday. She is also one of the creatives to be featured on in coming days.

Check out her blog:
Connect on Twitter:

15. Nelson Kennedy (Ochwada) – Nelson Kennedy was the first voice for #CreativeMondays on and later Blank Fridays. I’ve know Nelson for much longer, but our meeting was in very strange quarters and our reconnection even stranger than fiction. He is become a friend, one whom I check in with from time to time – and he has added to my perspective through his writing and who he is as person. Nelson remains a friend of and will be sharing his perspectives from time to time in days to come. He has very interesting and often humourous perspectives on life some you can find under Blank Fridays on

Connect with Nelson here:
Here some of his writings:

16. Rosemary Kananu – I only met Rosemary this year and was struck by her eloquence and flawless expression of the written word. I couldn’t wait even to know her enough, before I threw her a challenge to write a book, a challenge that she graciously embraced and I have no doubt will wow the world. She is big girl with a big heart; in every way – as a parent, a friend, a sister and purpose driven person who has a big dream to help others by being their voice. I know that she has big causes she is keen to actualize in 2015 and beyond, and a whole transformative movement that will impact a whole nation. This is a shout out and a vote for her cause – that indeed this is just but the beginning. Look out for this lady, East Africa are you ready for her?

Connect with Rosemary here:
Here some of her writings:

17. Olivia Nghaamwa – I met Olivia this year, I just had to meet her. She had been one of my biggest fans when I could only write 140 characters – mostly on my LinkedIn. Yes, and she indeed fascinated me not only with who she was, but the depth of her dreams to reach out to others. She has since written a few posts for and yeah, I know when you read them you wish she could write some more.

Connect with Olivia on LinkedIn:
Here some of her writings:

18. Olivia Makhubela – Olivia is one of the people I met this year in the Success Seminars sponsored by the organization she works for. I have to say even before meeting her I was struck by her magnetic personality speaking to her on the phone. She is gracious and has a heart of serving others, and she excels in this and is loved by her team. I celebrate what she represents as it is uncommon nowadays to find people who truly care about serving others and doing so with heart. She is passionate about culture, nature and she is an inspiration and example as a parent. Definitely such a great pleasure meeting and will look forward to connecting with you some more in 2015!

19. Lolo Mofolo & Refiloe (Seiboko) – I met Lolo slightly over a year ago (via LinkedIn again!) and we dived on the deep end right on setting the highest intention at our first meet. I’m glad we did that, both of us are Pisces (intuitives to the core). She has added so much value to me especially in the past 3 months of this year. Her gracious invite to a syndicated seminar about town started it all. That’s how I met so many others who have added value to who I’m and my mission including her daughter lovely Refiloe who is an upcoming budding musician and the youngest #Timspirational person that I wish acknowledge on this list. Refi as I’d call her reminds me of my younger self, recently turned 21 but gearing for the world. She is definitely on the watch list for greatness as her journey begins…

Here are her reflections on the journey ahead.

I’d definitely call 2014 my year of enlightenment. Going through the challenges and motions of completing my final year of varsity brought upon and awoke masses of questions, thoughts, ideas, questions, questions and you guessed it- more questions. About life and living but mostly about where my life was leading me and even more importantly, where I was to lead myself. It’s now the end of the year and I can’t say I have all the answers just yet. But I am certainly on a path. Of passion, I’d say. I’m pursuing everything that awakens me and (fervently) hoping I’ll somehow be able to make a living of it. For now I’m just waiting on final results (Eeeeeek!) and praying my Mom lets me stay home rent-free for a while longer haha. Hopefully next time Tim features me here (subtle, eh?) I’ll be announcing a venue where I’ll be singing live or where you can hear/read my stuff 🙂 Fingers crossed!*”

And of course from Lollo

I have always understood everything to be a journey in life. One step at a time, Rome gets built! More than any other year 2014 asserted this for me. So as I gratefully and powerfully venture into 2015, I feel less pressured to be the achiever that the world always entices us to be. I am and will continue on my achievement path, respectfully building on what has gone on before to get me to this stage.
I feel readier than I have ever been to share, be of service and seek to identify areas of great need where I can make a difference in my own small way; because my journey is about self-determination, personal fulfilment and actualisation.

Will you join me? Let’s do it!

Connect with Facebook: or

Thanks to Lollo here are some of the #Timspirational people I met yonder…

20. Janice Windt – Talking to her she has a gift that is uncommon these days… The gift of undivided attention in a conversation; she is gracious, lovely to talk to and always keen to add value. That was my impression of her after meeting and chatting briefly at a book publishing event. She is also very fascinating and truly #Timspirational with her blog that has tons of valuable insights on parenting, marriage, family and career. Without a doubt she on a trail-blaze and I know that she is impacting the world especially with her work. Yes indeed, check her out, I’m sure you will truly find out how phenomenal she is and will be greatly inspired by her writing

You will love her blog: / Twitter:

22. Precious Mike – I also met Precious at the book publishing event about town and was so compelled to just get to know her and what she was about. And yes, my gut feel has never misled me. All I kept on telling her was that she was carrying such a Big mission; such an important cause in her heart that was so crucial to the nation. Indeed she is! I’m so glad also that she has embraced this in the core of her being and has found the courage to step out and live out her mission. I wouldn’t be able to exhaust what she is about in such brief piece of writing, but all I can say for now is that she is a firebrand that will ignite a whole country into action and spark the conversation on violence against women among other topics. She is a child of Grace through and through, and I believe and support her cause through and through. You will be hearing more about her in days to come as her message and mission begins in earnest. Here is what Precious is up to in 2015…. All I can say – BIG Things!

Ok for next year I’m busy registering an NGO that will be focusing on social issues as a whole. I have a very soft spot for hurting people, maybe say it a calling or a Gift? Sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia and sex slavery are my main focuses. I believe that people have become used to the horrors of this that it has actually numb them. I want to awaken that fire in them and give them back their voice. I want communities to know that the power to change things is in their hands. Communities need take back their voice. It all starts in our communities.They are the voice for those who cannot fend for themselves.

Connect with her on Facebook:

23. Phaello Motsoane – She is a movement! And I kept on saying this to her again and again! Phaello or Pi is just one of those people you meet and you are awestruck by their personal power and magnetism. She has that aura about her, and even more compelling is that she is all about empowerment and using that to reach out to the communities, starting out on her community in rural South Africa. I’m a great believer to adding value to where you have come from as I’m a product of “It takes a village to raise a child”. Phaello’s mission is truly noble indeed as it is about shaping the socio-economics of a people in remote areas and to improve their livelihood. She is definitely a movement whatever she chooses to spearhead and do in coming days.

Get in touch with Phaello: phaello [at] motsoane dot com

21. Magdalena Zukowski (Lena Ski) – Lena is EVERYWHERE! If not on iTunes or Soundcloud doing The SuperNova Podcast, then she is busy creating the next banging concept. She is a mentor, a friend, a fellow coach and one of those truly nice people to just connect with and hang out with. She has such a level of energy and focus and the results speak for themselves. She is an author, a podcaster, a writer; a marketing coach and many more – someone you would want to listen to if you care about unlocking your greatness. You definitely must give a listen to her podcast and sign up to her Newsletter so you can experience all I’m talking about. I think you will absolutely find her amazing!

Catch the SuperNova Podcast on iTunes
Also connect with her brand and message here: (where you’ll also find links to her online courses, books)

Sign up for the newsletter to get access to The SuperNova Summit launching in 2015!

24. Dina Petruzzi – I met Dina at the Middle of Nowhere Show that I co-host with Janice and her soul and spirit oozes of creativity through and through. I remember one particular segment of the show and there was so much presence, spontaneity and flow. Every word carried an inspired essence about it, and it remains one of my favourite guest episodes for 2014. Check it out here… Dina is the founder of Passionfruit Creative Arts, she has an art gallery and studio in the heart of the Arts District in Scottsdale, Arizona.

You can find out more about Dina’s here:

25. Jessica Ireland – Jessica Ireland is all about the power of one to make a difference. Changing the world starts with one… one person’s conviction, initiative and action to make a difference. She was inducted into action soon after visiting San Filipe, a small fishing village in California Mexico, where her encounter with poverty first hand touched her to do something about it. We were privileged to have Jessica join us and talk more about this at the Middle of Nowhere Show in our Highlight “Gratitude Series” and she shares part of this here. She represents the best of our Humanity when we reach out to others by taking action and not just being overwhelmed by the challenges around us. You will agree with me Poverty remains a Big Challenge in the World; more so in developing countries and will continue to be in years to come. I salute you Jessica for your spirit and work. You are truly #Timspirational and worth to be emulated across the world. She is the founder of “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” a Non-Profit Organization that has helped so many people in San Filipe since December, 2012.

Connect with Jessica here

Diane Paradise – My Boldness Person of the Year Award goes to Diane Paradise… so much for not only the Mantra and message on living boldly, but because she embodies it in every way. It was such a privilege and joy to connect and learn more about Diane and her journey of faith and courage as she battled and overcame Lymphoma and also championed the cause of overcoming for others by raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). She is indeed an example of an overcomer, an all-round inspiring person and an amazing child of Grace. I personally felt inspired to live bolder as I note in my Letter “Dear June” after our conversation at the Middle of Nowhere Show earlier this year. She has that rub on of encouragement and she is definitely someone to watch and listen to in the coming year and beyond.

To Connect with Diane and her work –

Fundraiser and Awareness Initiative:
Connect on FB:
Listen to the Podcast “Live BOLDLY”:

Well there you are folks. Congratulations to all of you for who you are! It has been a great pleasure knowing you and interacting with you one way or another. This is a vote of confidence in your message, your mission and what you are all about. wishes you and your families the very Zest in the days to come.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a record breaking Year 2015…
Be Great, will be cheering you on ALL THE WAY!

With Love,




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11 thoughts on “The 25 Timspirational People for 2014!”

  1. Lollo says:

    This is wonderful Tim. Congratulations!

    A job well done! Not that anything but can be expected from you!!!

    For 2015 we should spin this by getting the 25 to say something about you on

    1. timitude says:

      Thank you so much my friend….Its humbling to have met such great people. Looking forward to great encounters in 2015 indeed… Ha ha ha! Good idea and you will be the host of the show 🙂

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  4. Lucia says:

    Tim, your generosity is such a gift!
    Thank you for having picked me then and now!
    I wish you and your family an abundant and beautiful 2015!

    1. timitude says:

      Thank you Lucia, you planted the seed in me, and the gift keeps giving…
      Thank you for the wishes, very well received indeed.
      Raise your glasses to Greatness and an absolutely fabulous 2015!

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  9. Janice Plado Dalager says:

    As I said on the Middle of Nowhere Show podcast when this list came out (, beginning at 19:32), there is a deep transformation that takes place in everyone involved when we acknowledge. I am deeply honored to have worked and laughed and created with you over the past two years. Almost a month later, and I’m still thinking about this list – and how I have to meet the amazing people on it.

    To everyone on the #Timspirational25 of 2014, I’m considering this an introduction. Expect a call from me!

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