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The Law of Providence and Learnings from my Little Girl

You know those days when parenting just forces you to look in the
mirror and do a self assessment? Well, yesterday has to be it for me.



As it is the season of love and sharing, a kind stranger, on our way
out, gave my lovely, sweet, amazing and smart daughter some change to
buy something with to which she reluctantly collected at my look of
approval. Just a few meters walking distance was a needy young boy
soliciting for money with which to eat. I told my daughter it was okay
to give the strangers money to the boy, she did and that was the start
of a debate I wasn’t prepared for (…oh! did I mention she was a
smart one too, well, with the mouth as well).

The following conversation ensued afterwards

‘why do I have to give that boy my money?’ She asked.
‘well dear, that’s because the boy needs help to buy food’ was my reply.
Is he hungry?
Yes! I replied
Then I think he should buy some food.
Exactly dear, that’s what he needs the money for.
But if he is hungry, he can go to his mum
What if he doesn’t have a mummy or just maybe she just doesn’t have
money or food to give him either
Okay, but when he is done using my money, he’s better give it back
But sweetheart, if he spent your money already, then he wouldn’t be
able to give it back…

I thought the conversation was over and I was proud of myself that I
had taught an excellent trait of giving to my daughter, boy was I
wrong. The instance we passed bye that road on our way back, it was
rather dramatic with my girl insisting she wants her money back
because she needs to ‘buy’ something with it. When I couldn’t persuade
her any further, I had to give it back from my own purse feeling
defeated. The refund did come with a clause though, that she was gonna
have to buy everything she needed henceforth with that money (…I
know! I just had to pass the message somehow).

Few minutes later and she had already found what she wanted but
couldn’t buy because her money wasn’t enough. I didn’t come to her aid
and she felt sober. I was finally able to pass my message across which
was most important to me.

Note to self: how many times have we, as adults, held on too tightly
to little things of ours that has, in many occasions denied us of the
greater blessings ahead. We forget that everything it is we own isn’t
truly ours and has been given to us so we could be blessings to others
and in the same vein, the law of providence will see to it that we are
well taken care of ourselves.

In light of this and in the spirit of Christmas, i’ld say, give so you
shall receive in bountiful folds for it is better to give than to
receive. An icon (his soul rest in peace) used to say that ‘if each
one could reach one then each one can teach one, what a much more
beautiful world it’ll be so show love, just because’.

May the blessings of the season abide with you and yours. Bon felicitation.

To your success

Adeola Bakare Uyeye

Successpreneur and Coach. Totally obsessed with Personal Development and Growth. Creative Versatilist with a Can-Do-Bring-it-on-Mindset. Passionate about Start-ups. Lover. Wife. Mother. Friend. And I Love Good Food!

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