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Fulfillment: You Are Looking For Yourself!

Anytime you expect something outside yourself to fulfill you, you are missing the point,
the point of a deeper need, the point that nothing can ever fulfill you but yourself.

You are looking at yourself..
Moment to reflect:

This week I looked through my diaries/journals for past years and I could not help realizing this one particular thing that I constantly wrote about, tears filled my eyes as I read how I desperately wanted other people to love me, how I expected other people to fulfill this or that need for me and each time, it was followed by a disappointment, “WHY”? because I was trying to find myself in them, this placed a very heavy load on them but all pointing to this one particular thing, there was a deeper need, other people couldn’t fulfill and even when they seemed to, it was for a short while and it was not too long until I ran out and I was left longing again.
It was not until I realized I am fully responsible. While it is normal to expect certain things from people, for these kind of people who are “looking for themselves” the need is extremely high.

In what ways can you realize this dysfunction;
Avoidance: Do you find yourself avoiding certain things in your life?
Dependency: Do you depend on certain things to get you by, like drug abuse, extremely dependence on a partner?
Distractions: Do you always find time to avoid being by yourself and have a constant need to be distracted by TV,Social networks etc?
Negligence: Do you seem to neglect certain aspects of your life?
Controlling: Do people complain that you are controlling or over protective?
Extreme spending: Do you buy anything and everything and only after you realize, you don’t even need?

These are but some of the few clues that there maybe certain issues in your life, you are not dealing with and are not addressing. The point I am trying to make is this, we are all wounded and how we experience the outside world is determined by our inner world, anything outside can’t fix us. Healing comes with facing our issues and dealing with them. Take time to give to yourself, fill yourself up to fullness, only then you can find yourself and can find true fulfillment within.

Have you found yourself?


Zanele is an Author of two upcoming books and a Wellness Consultant and Mentor. She has a sparkling personality and a strong catchy spirit and regards herself as ‘reserved extrovert’. As a mother and a friend she is tender-hearted and loving and runs a mentorship programme for pre-teens and teenagers with her daughter. She is passionate about writing/journaling, wellness, personal development and family.

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  1. Adeola says:

    Awesome, Zan; Truly inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing

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