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The Journey So far: Reflections from 2014 and Beyond!



I read Tim’s list of 25 Timspirational People in 2014 with relish. I
must say that I was totally filled with envy, how on earth can just
one person be so blessed with the most priced possession anyone could
ever wish for, not just one but twenty-five! Woah, I think I got my
goal set for the new year and that is to be able to say likewise, that
I have successfully gained genuine friendship from very smart and
intelligent people.

If there is anything anyone should wish for, ever, it definitely
shouldn’t be for material things (well…that too :)) but for a
network of great, supportive people.

In all areas of life and career, the most important determinant of
anyone’s growth and advancement is in the quality of people around him
and his/her ability to manage those relationships.

So, this is first to say a massive thanks to the wonderful people in
my life, who have made my year and growth an enjoyable reality. Top on
the list is the founder and conveyor of this great platform on which I
have grown ever so much, thanks Tim for being such a friend, brother,
coach and mentor, its been such a Timspirational 2014 and I couldn’t
have done all of this and much more (…and you know what **smiles**)
without you and of course the Almighty.

Then to my co-writers on this platform, you guys have been a massive
source of inspiration and healthy challenge. Nancy, the relationship
expert, I’ve always looked forward to your posts, you’ve got a very
unique angle from which you look at situations and I must say that
you’re simply amazing. Nelson, your’s was one of the posts I read
first on Creative Mondays and I told myself, I can do this and the
rest as they say is history, thanks a bunch. Zanele, it was just like
yesterday after I read your first post and I said to myself ‘I
couldn’t have written it better’. Thanks y’all for making this such an
interesting journey.

This is also to invite all great minds on this platform who are
willing to join me on this journey into 2015, applications are being
accepted (lol, just kidding). It definitely will be a great privilege
and honour to have you on my personal list of ‘most influential people
in my life’ in 2015.

Thanks for always and here is wishing you the best year yet.

To your success

Adeola Bakare Uyeye

Successpreneur and Coach. Totally obsessed with Personal Development and Growth. Creative Versatilist with a Can-Do-Bring-it-on-Mindset. Passionate about Start-ups. Lover. Wife. Mother. Friend. And I Love Good Food!

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