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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Encounters and Experiences: I See You…

I see you! When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you treat them you will treat yourself. As you think of them, you will think of yourself. Never forget this. For in them you will find yourself or lose yourself~A course

If 29 Year Old Me Were Coaching 21 Year Old Me…

This is a Guest Post from a Dear Friend of Mine Whom I challenged to take up the challenge to Write for I knew she was a Natural…. Proof me wrong in this post if You can. She has asked that I publish this anonymously

Baggage and Clutters

  I recently wrote about resolutions how we wait for some calendar dates to make them, well one very major limitation to growth and change definitely would be clutters and baggage’s. Let me ask some questions that have rather become clichés to us. Are there still

Poetic Tuesday: The Look!

Don’t talk whisper Don’t you dare! Only dream No imaginations Crystal clear No Fancy words Just old style Penetrate me Look in the heart And let me Swoon away And know I’m yours Forever!

Feel of Heaven…

“I wish I could write it as a song. I could sing it forever. Each day and every day. It gives me joy. Each time I close my eyes, I see the beauty. Unexplainable beauty. Lights shining and calm winds blowing past my eyes is

Gratitude: I am My Fathers Child!

“It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich” ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer “Gratitude is the memory of the heart”. It is important to choose to look for what we can be grateful for, nor matter what the circumstances. Here’s the thing, things don’t just happen, so

Relationships Thursday: That Special Someone..

Well it is a New Year… everyone is so busy writing down and making New Year’s resolutions for the 2015. After the long holidays am back in the office everyone I bump into is very ardent to ask me what is your new year resolution.

Poetic Tuesday: Splattered Toad

Splattered toad said the wine One for the road stammered the mind Mellow and smooth winked the line The finest of the grape vine What makes you sexier than wine If only you were mine… Oh the taste divine Don’t sweat it let’s dine Oh

What Christ Taught Me…

In life, different people enlighten us in different but remarkable ways. They could be our relatives, friends, colleagues or even strangers. They teach us various principles that we intend to live by. Through such chalk talks, I have had so many teachings that I have

New Beginnings…

This is a Guest Post from My Mentor and Coach Clem McGrath, one of the 25 Timspirational People for 2014 ~ This is an excellent post to get you started in the New Year. This post also appears on  website.  We have a psychological and spiritual