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Happy Bliss New Year : It’s 2015 Baby!

A Blank New Page, an opportunity to start again. A time and place of Renewal.
Time to re-engage and get back in the game with resolve and faith ~ Timitude



The New Year as the calendar tells us is that access point synchronized across the globe with the conspiracy of others to believe, hope and strive for newer, better, bigger bolder things. It is about us. Our potential and possibilities; our hopes and dreams as individuals, as communities, as the human race. Our collective sense of destiny. Human history is chronicled in time, and year, day and month give context to our existence and achievements.

Truth is we are here for a moment, to create moments and memories and to leave behind a legacy that hopefully will rebound long after we are gone.

It’s time to build momentum towards our lifetime goals and direction. To remove the weeds, straight the crooked, strengthen the weak, set our sights again on our dream and vision. Time to gather our ambition, spruce it with courage and march forth towards the direction of our dreams. Time to breath in inspiration, strap on encouragement and smile knowing that even if the pathway ahead may be stormy and tough, we will emerge stronger, bigger and better because our greatness is unstoppable. Our mission non negotiable and our conviction is unquenchable.

So as the steam train 2015 slowly chugs out of Station to the future of dreams, vision and purpose, I pray that you have slugged on the ‘whatever it takes attitude‘ in the suitcase of your heart and mind.

I pray that you have slugged on the ease and strength of a smile to cheer you and others on even as the train chugs on past improbable terrains filled with twists and turnings.

I pray that you have slugged on the hope and believe of coming through tunnels and dark alleys that scare the heck out of faith for many.

I pray that you will slug on the arms of love and strength, to extend a hand and show a heart where needed to comfort and encourage others as the slug chugs on.

I pray that you have slugged on mirth and laughter, in big jugs to get drunk and be happy with them as you Joy in the beauty and wonder of the hills and valleys along the way.

I pray that you have slugged on fire in your eyes and water in your ears to fall in love, cry, dance in the rain and plunge headfirst in the thrills of romance and adventure with shameless abandon.

I pray above all that you have slugged on the will to live, even survive and thrive in all; to live out the best of you this year and be alive to tell the tale of adventure, expedition and greatness at the end of it all.

To You and Your Greatness and to an Epic Journey of Learning, Bumbling and untold Adventure in the 365 days ahead…. 2015 is already rolling on wheels baby… Full steam! ROLL With it!


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