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Timspirational: 2015… The Road Ahead!

New Year, New Aspirations. A New You!

New horizon

In Him is;
Health, Wealth, Happiness and Hope
And All We need is Him!

I have always found it easier to simplify or summarize my aspirations and goals for a new season into a few words and concepts. This often comes to me spontaneously as a word, line of Scripture or simplified concept that captures and illustrates my intent and focus for the period. It’s always a subconscious and intuitive process. Mostly the message comes to me beyond the expected planning and thinking and reflections that would characterize such transitions.

It’s has been one of the joys of my essence. To be alive and to know the seasons prevailing ahead and to trust God’s guidance to work in me through the compass of intuition, spontaneity and the ability to sense and connect with the moments as they come.

In this journey of unraveling, discovery and adventure I have come to appreciate the power of being in the present moment, allowing yourself to daydream and imagine and to wake up and to walk in the direction of your dreams. Perhaps nothing has been so empowering and useful to me as this appreciation. That indeed it’s about ‘walking’ daily, weekly – consistently – with courage, faith and hope in the direction of that which we are destined for.

Lao-Tsu put it well…

A journey of a thousand must begin with a single step.

And as Martin Luther King Jr put it…

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Indeed, we must but have the faith to take the next step, one at a time.

And so this year my theme and focus is Family.



With the constituent elements of:
Faith + Freedom + Finances + Fitness + Flexibility and Fun

It’s a New beginning, a New Season with so much of expectations, expressions and experiences that will paint the year and seasons ahead with all the colours of the rainbow using every tool, widget and gadget and resource in my arsenal.

It’s another season of adventure and discovery and what a joy indeed.

Time for another Daring…..

For this life is either a Daring Adventure….. Or NOTHING!

What are you up to in the seasons ahead?


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One thought on “Timspirational: 2015… The Road Ahead!”

  1. Adeola says:

    Amazing write-up. Mine is “GROWTH through DISCIPLINE, PEACE OF MIND and JOY”

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