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New Beginnings…

This is a Guest Post from My Mentor and Coach Clem McGrath, one of the 25 Timspirational People for 2014 ~ This is an excellent post to get you started in the New Year. This post also appears on  website. 



We have a psychological and spiritual need to experience new beginnings because then we can experience two important spiritual states:

  1. The state of transcendence
  2. The state of redemption 

    With transcendence a new beginning helps rise above the humdrum daily life and set our sights on a vision or a dream empowers us to create a life of value and purpose. A new beginning allows us to harvest whatever strength, wisdom and grace we have developed and bring that to a new path that we now more consciously choose.

New beginnings can also bring redemption. Who has not done things they regret, or are ashamed of? Who has not messed up in some way? With a new beginning we get the chance to do it differently. We cannot change the past but we can choose to change the present and the future. A new beginning reminds us that our past need not equal our future. We can redeem our so-called mistakes and, again, create a life of conscious value and purpose.

So, what creates a new beginning? Taking a break over the holiday period does not necessarily do it. Hopefully you feel rested and ready to embrace the New Year. But this rest and recreation is very different from a true new beginning, which is a spiritual experience of release and renewal.

A true new beginning requires a new sense of identity and new awareness. A New Year’s resolution to get fit or improve your diet, or stop smoking, is great, but does it change the old you who lived with those patterns? If you continue to define yourself in the same old ways, except now a little fitter or healthier, then nothing has really changed. You may still be living with the same old attachments, perceptions, patterns and attitudes. You are trying to force a new pattern onto the old you. It will not work.

The life that throbs in your body is renewing itself constantly. Within 9 months your body has been completely renewed, and yet do you renew your mind and spirit in the same way?  Or do you continue to hold onto the same opinions, judgements, fears and patterns. And then wonder why your life has lost the sense of joy and adventure that you once enjoyed as a child.

If you could wake tomorrow morning and see the world as if for the first time then that would be a true new beginning. If you could regain the enthusiasm for each new day that a child has, that would be a new beginning. If you could be profoundly moved by the beauty of a roadside flower then that would be a new beginning.

See how excited your dog gets about going for the same walk every day. For the dog it is a new moment, a new beginning, a new adventure. Can you imagine living like that, or does even the thought of it make you feel tired?

Every tradition tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. If you feel ready for the challenge I invite you to consider that as your New Year resolution – the renewing of your mind. This can seem like a huge task but there are many resources available to support you. Start the journey.




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