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Encounters and Experiences: I See You…

I see you!

When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you treat them you will treat yourself. As you think of them, you will think of yourself. Never forget this. For in them you will find yourself or lose yourself~A course in Miracles~



We leave pieces of ourselves in others, our interactions are not just mere interactions but are deeper than we would ever comprehend.

Moment to Reflect:
This past week, I had a profound moment with a friend, who shared with me something from a book that he is currently reading, the book is about Forensic Investigations, right there when I was still amazed why the interest in such a book, he than tells me, the relevance of this book in our daily interactions, apparently in a crime scene, there is always some sort of evidence that is left behind no matter what, he further makes an illustration that connects to this, he says that each person has seeds that has been planted by others in them and that they themselves have planted seeds in others and how these seeds remain and grow long after that particular interaction has happened, compering this to the so called “evidence” of something that once happened, that become a defining moment for someone. What I clearly understood by this is, WE INFECT OR WE IMPACT OTHERS through our interactions. How we treat each other matters, it actually matters a lot and it becomes a clear evidence of how we ourselves have been treated in the past. The question is, are we committing the same “crime” to others if we have been treated badly, Is it possible that our own soil has been infected and needs to be treated? How we our selves treat each other; Unkindly, Gossip, Pretend, Falsely accuse, Look down and are Jealous of others. What kind of seeds are we planting in others?

Shouldn’t we be planting seeds of; Compassion, Kindness, Support, Patience and Love?

This calls for self introspection, because it is only when we begin to treat others with dignity and respect that, that becomes a clear indication that we ourselves have been transformed and by this we would look at things differently, “I see you”, Its a statement of compassion, I see me in you and I will do unto you as I would like it to be done unto me, but this only takes place when our own soil has been “treated”, when our own soil has been “fertilized” that we can create change and germinate within ourselves good seeds, so that we can plant good seeds in others.

Are you infecting or are you impacting others?


Zanele is an Author of two upcoming books and a Wellness Consultant and Mentor. She has a sparkling personality and a strong catchy spirit and regards herself as ‘reserved extrovert’. As a mother and a friend she is tender-hearted and loving and runs a mentorship programme for pre-teens and teenagers with her daughter. She is passionate about writing/journaling, wellness, personal development and family.

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