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Creative Mondays: How Do You Eat an Elephant?

This week we feature professional belly dancer and performance artist Z-Helene in our Creative Mondays Blog…
make sure to stop by and check it out and be inspired by this and all the other featured creatives from past weeks.

And thought to share the ultra-hilarious perspectives from the #CreativeMondays Twitter Community to the cranky question…

How do you eat an Elephant?



Ok, Ok, Ok!… don’t write me letters…i don’t mean that literally please! Here is some background before we dive in…
You may have heard such a question or similar expression posed elsewhere or the more common answer of

“One bite at a time”

Attributed to Creighton Williams Abrams Jr a US Army general during the Vietnam war (Ref Wiki Quote)
In fact I just consulted uncle Google and apparently there is a whole book, several of them in fact that have this one line as their topic of discussion…for now but those are details.. and I digress..

Here is what the #CreativeMondays Community had to say in response to the Question…

You don’t…just love their beauty

…….barbecued, w/one of the many great #microbrews…
I would invite it to share a snack, a really BIG one!
……..One piece at a time, but I think I’ll go for something not on the endangered list. 😉
Love elephants, couldn’t eat one…..
……Just out of curiosity, who’s mind did this come from? & wouldn’t one be in jail? Hmm..
Could not eat the gentle giant would invite for one of my nice salads with fruit & a cup of tea 🙂

Do I have to?

One guitar chord at a time….
I’m a vegan. I respect an elephant’s life.
……………………I’d start with the liver…
In a straight jacket, cause I would have lost my damn mind!
Start with left ear in a roulade… lots of garlic
Big knife- fork, BBQ sauce and a nice big red
one bite at a time of course
With kale and a little parsley..….


Yes, we don’t plan on eating any elephants as such, but we just passionate about creating and creativity…

Thank you family… This was truly off the charts; it’s amazing how much creativity can light up an otherwise
would be dull first day of the week!

We all love #CreativeMondays… Don’t we? Keep Creating, till next time!


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