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Who are your Teachers?

Just yesterday I had my sister come visit me at the office and she came with a friend with whom I wasn’t too familiar with hence the meeting was a little bit awkward.
My sister, for the past few days have been going on about owning a car she wanted it so badly that she was starting to dream about it and imagining herself right behind the wheels.



I was quite excited for her knowing well enough that all she needs to actually have the real thing is what she has right now, first the thought fueled with a burning desire and the very active imagination, what Brian Tracy calls the ‘end of the movie’ feeling.

It wasn’t surprising then, when the conversation shifted towards several ways of getting the car despite the fact that she doesn’t have the money. I watched and listened in fascination to her friend proffer several solutions on how she could generate the money for her car from her visiting the offices of wealthy politicians with narrations of how she could ‘act’ her way into them giving her the desired money.

The irony of the conversation suddenly hit me, truly if you must be great, you must have great associations which is almost true in the friend’s analogy but then again, there is a major flaw in the whole picture like why did she have to ‘act’ and plead not to seek for genuine friendship but for money to get her car?
If association was truly really important and the friend had such great ideas on how my sister could act her way into getting a car, how come she isn’t driving in one herself? She definitely hasn’t got a success story to share on how her formula had worked for others.

This actually reminded me of what Earl Nightingale said that if you want to know the value of a man’s belief system, you must ask…who are his teachers? Who does he listen to, who are the people he surrounds himself with, who influences him and what are his belief systems.

So I ask then…who are your teachers?

Adeola Bakare Uyeye

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