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I’ll Win IT!



I got this imagination. And now it has become a reality. I can see it crystal clear through my eyes. I looked at this case: when soldiers go into battle, they are always armed to the tooth, with all the powerful weapons and one mindset. Their goal is to put their opponents down. Their purpose is to win. In the movies, I’ve watched soldiers get into battle but some of them get killed even before they fight. It’s so sad and a great loss to their families and the fellow soldiers when such incidences occur.

In real life, I realized that I’m a soldier too. And that I need to conquer too.

But what kind of a soldier am I? Am I really strong enough to win it? Can I really do it on my own? It got me thinking and I’m truly fascinated by the fact that I can only do it by God’s help and guidance. I don’t want to lose the battle at all. I pray that I remain firm even when in despair. There is a God in heaven who has assured me of my victory. Only if I rely in Him.

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.”

If the Lord does not go to the battlefield with me, then it’s no doubt that I’ll be fighting in vain. I pray this prayer with my fingers crossed; that I won’t be defeated but I’ll conquer and receive the crown. I’ll win it! I believe that you are also ready to go the battlefield just as I am.

Imani Njeri

Imani is a young Kenyan who loves writing, blogging, Jesus music and a foodie too. She enjoys photography and loves nature. She dreams of inspiring the world and encouraging people to love God and smile at life. She’s a small girl with BIG dreams

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