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Creative Mondays: The Top 10 Needs for Creative Projects!

This week we feature someone we all know, someone we all have lived with and even pay the rent for them upstairs!
Yes, I’m talking about the nemesis of every Creative Person, Our Inner Critic! In this brief feature we formally introduce and acknowledge this can over-active member the #CreativeMondays Fraternity….
In this brief presentation meet the Inner Critic Doll, our #CreativeMondays Feature of the Week!

Be empowered to create!



And here the summaries of your feedback to the #CreativeMondays Question of the Week….

What help do you need for your Creative Project?

1. Time
2. Money
3. Energy
4. Ideas, Imagination
5. Self Belief
6. Next Level and being noticed more locally
7. Great Editing
8. Tools
9. Mentorship
10. Asking for Help!

Overwhelmingly Time and Money were mentioned as much needed for #Creative Projects. Thanks to a request by one of the #CreativeMondays members @MarieFrettoloso I will be developing a resource on Time to be shared with the #CreativeMondays Community. Great idea indeed!

Thanks again Team for your hearty participation, especially the continued support, sharing and encouragement to each other as we continue to inspire each other in the Creative Journey every week.

Wishing you a Super Creative Week!


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