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Relationships Thursday: Your Valentine Could Just be Right Next To YOU!



It is a feel good Wednesday as a usual I love enjoying Life because I know I only have one life to live and can’t allow anything to stress me up. Being single doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy life to the full it is in this regard that I choose to be happy.

Being a new year nothing much is currently happening in Town and I wonder is it just a resolution or a coincidence. I decide to walk in one of the finest restaurant to feed my coffee addiction, as I wait for my girlfriend who has been loyal ever since I kissed dating life goodbye. I hate being antisocial so I decide to just gaze at colors which are all over the restaurant as I shake my head to the good music which is playing at the background.

From a distance I smell a familiar designer’s perfume which reminds me of my ex-lover. For obvious reasons I remember how it once made my heart shrink after two years of love promises and how we had sworn to be soulmates, only to later realize I was holding space for another species .despite the separation I respected him for upgrading my status and the shopping sprees, dine and wine in some fine places while appreciating the good moments in life.

I realize that the thoughts of my past are reemerging I decide to clear my mind and look at all the Deleterious reasons why am single today. My mind is again distracted by a soft ring tone which this time reminds me of my smartphone, which has been lying on the table all along with no calls nor texts. Looking around the restaurant I noticed almost everyone looking down at their smartphones. This reminded me of a conversation I had at dinner the other night with my colleagues, about how hard it seems for many young singles to meet their rib including me.

Half my married friends met their substantial others while in secondary school or in colleges/campus while a few others were set up on blind dates through family or friends. The rest met their soul mates by chance. But does chance, stand fortuitous anymore?

I know very well it used to be if you were waiting in crowd at the bus stops, bank queues, at the cinema halls or else if you were early for class, or simply bored at a party, you struck up a conversation, or at the very least, made eye contact with someone, because let’s face it there was nothing else to do.
Nowadays people are reaching for their phones Heaven forbid we don’t have something to do with our hands. The uncomfortable silence or lack of stimulation is just too much to bear, even when meeting or dates are planned you will always see good number of people logging into social Media either to chat, upload pictures or go through the notifications.

So how will the singles anyway meet each other anymore to become soulmates? Does the “soap operas ….likes of Alehandro” that we see on television or in the movies really exist? Maybe, our parents just worked harder at it, because the indulgence of Internet dating didn’t exist.
My advice to the lonely hearts out there who want to make a love connection is put down your phones. Strike up a conversation. Your future love interest could be standing right in front of you… ordering a coffee latte! While you are busy admiring already made couples while wishing you were the one.


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