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Self Matters: Grace Vs Guilt!

“The biggest judgment we give is to ourselves”



One of the most important relationships we will ever have is the relationship we have with ourselves and yet we often pay less attention to our feelings and the wisdom of our own bodies.

Moment to Reflect:
This past week has been heavy, you know, when you have a lot on your plate, things running in parallel and some where you just don’t get to the perfect balance, I found myself on the edge.
I do admit that there’s a perfectionist in me that just want things in a certain way and when some things are falling between the cracks it’s not an easy thing to come to terms with.

Seating down with my Mentor and sharing this, he introduced me to Grace and right there I begun to feel lite, like it’s okay, it then became evident that I have been with Guilt some where along the way and I have not been paying attention to my burdened heart.

For Guilt:
Will tell you, you “should”!!
Will push you to the edge
Will keep you always wanting perfection
Will be hard on you and eventually drive you crazy.

Sometimes we hide behind smiles yet the conversations with ourselves are tough. We push ourselves and although it is good to be driven but when Guilt is around you break when things are not falling into place or going according to plan.

After you have done all that you could there’s Grace, sufficient; to be a soft pillow to your headache, to be a compassionate voice, to be your comforter and to be hope for another change.

For Grace:
Will be kind
Will acknowledge your efforts
Will let you surrender
Will keep you calm

You see, Grace can handle the imperfections of life and so.., there is never a need for Guilt, for what our sorrows are only showing, is that, we have not yet welcomed Grace and what are we without Grace.., the sweet amazing Grace.

Have you welcomed Grace?


Zanele is an Author of two upcoming books and a Wellness Consultant and Mentor. She has a sparkling personality and a strong catchy spirit and regards herself as ‘reserved extrovert’. As a mother and a friend she is tender-hearted and loving and runs a mentorship programme for pre-teens and teenagers with her daughter. She is passionate about writing/journaling, wellness, personal development and family.

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