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#Timspirational: The Hunt, The Chase and The Dance….



The other day we were chatting on Relationships with my coach and cohost @TheJPD and somewhat the words ‘chase’, hunt and dance dropped into our conversation. You can catch this episode at our weekly hangout #MiddleofNowhereShow

Now this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary,  just after my birthday and so it got me thinking on this things.

Relationships especially with the opposite gender are an object of fascination right from the early days of boy meets girl and vice versa.  Yeah those days of playmates and pure innocence and Tom and Mary friendship.
Then comes high school sweethearts and and high hormonal phase.  The stars glaze and nothing could be more utopian than high school sweet heart love.


The college days set in post the teenage era and so you now have a dozen books at hand and you should at least know what love is (or so we think!) . The season for romcoms and hang outs is fully come.  Life on campus is even more fun.

Press reset button. Now you are out in the real world, with a job if you are lucky and stepping into business if you are the risk type.  And it’s street love at play. All different set of rules and game plan.

I’m not sure how you approached this, a stereotyped scenario by the way as all of us are different. All the same finding love is no small matter.

For some it was a Graceful dance. They met as she stepped out of the library and somewhat her book-load fell and he bent to help her pick them and in the process as they gracefully arose from the ground,  their eyes locked and they fell in love and the rest is history.  Oh the perfect Hollywood kind of scenarios from the movies….

Well for some it may have been a hunt,  with bow and arrow at hand,  so much akin to going after deer in the wild.  You finally have to slay them with stealth or speed and capture them as your own.  Dead or alive,  some have taken to the love game with cupids bows and arrows or whatever else is in your arsenal to lure your prey.

And then there is the chase, the endless race and guess to get them; punctuated with coffee outs (even when you hate coffee!), meet ups and show ups to try and impress with the hope that finally you’ll catch their eye and vice versa. In between its a game of dress to impress, wits and puzzles with the ace of love hearts held close to your chest, a silent prayer that he or she is the one and that you will ride home gallant with the wings of love.

Well,  whatever your game plan,  however you play it. Ultimately I pray for you win and find true love.
That you will enter into the banquet hand in hand with the Graceful steps with joy and laughter ablaze in your faces….

That yours will be an endless and a happy dance ; A beautiful dance inspired by love.

We Thank God for bringing us thus far….
As we cross the 4th and onto 5th Street in our marriage dance. 

I raise my glass to the one I love….



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