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30 + 1 of The Best Advices on Creativity… According to YOU!

Once again Thank you All for your resounding interaction on Today’s CreativeQ of the Week for #CreativeMondays….

For all who replied, RT’ed or Fav’d on Twitter, here is fodder to inspire you to be creative whenever you need it!



Question: What would be the best advice you’d give on #Creativity?

Answers below in no particular order….

    1. Let it take it’s “natural” course, don’t force it 🙂 ~ @jasonsmithwritr
    2. Believe in yourself. You CAN do it ~ @DuchessShire
    3. Wait for it. While you’re waiting, do the dishes ~ @FlairCreativ
    4. Read everything all kinds of writing. It expands the mind ~ @DgCerebus
    5. Create with HONESTY. Create for YOU. People feel TRUTH ~ @WillyGCmas
    6. What doesn’t kill U makes U stronger! ~ @kellbell500
    7. Don’t force the creativity to flow. Smooth the way for it ~ @TorturdCyclone
    8. Imagination ~ @delgeo1
    9. Have FUN! Play like a kid! ~ @DanielleProphet
    10. Create for yourself, if you like it others will too ~ @nerdkykgirl
    11. Let the words flow unrestrained ~ @vapidaccount
    12. Never quit. If u don’t quit, u win. / be vulnerable. Trust in your gifts. ~ @tomcottar 
    13. Just be happy ~ @Blackthorncox
    14. Do what makes u happy ~ @madamezucchini
    15. In a creative funk, try something –ANYTHING– new! ~ @kellbell500
    16. Don’t try to force #creativity You need to wait for the spark ~ @WritingasLia
    17. Don’t judge another’s form of expression. Be open minded. ~ @HeCalls_me_L
    18. Always have pen and paper handy. ~ @therepoguy
    19. Keep an open mind… ~ @FelicityBrandon
    20. Follow thru! Road 2 Hell is paved with good intentions. ~ @WORRODRoger
    21. Don’t force it, let it happen and don’t give up! ~ @MikePaineShow
    22. It’s your #creativity~Don’t let one say you’re doing it wrong & pay no attention to neg. people! They can’t see your vision~yet 🙂 ~ @NickiSixx12
    23. Don’t limit yourself-try new things! ~ @Entiretyinbits
    24. do what gives you joy & purpose ~ @LauraHaydenFun
    25. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done! 🙂 ~ @RandiGraceNilsb 
    26. Stay focused, optimistic & examine alternatives #Creativity ~ @FNgeru
    27. Sometimes have to force my own self to follow it! / If you’re blocked on something drop it for a while & let it incubate. ~ @lissalet 
    28. Free your mind, no limits ~ @JLYRICAL118
    29. Keep an open mind, inspiration can come from anything ~ @MadQueenStorm
    30. Creativity comes from within. Be blissfully u. Be true to urself. Write what u feel no matter the format u choose. Be open ~ @RavensVeil
    31. Jump in with all your heart, dream big – no fear, no apologies ~ @CamWylde

Wishing you a super inspired and creative week ahead!


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