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#Timspirational: The Art of Speaking…



I love listening to speeches, words well spoken,  poetry fuelled with eloquence.  Beautiful oratorical crafting, especially when words just fit the moment and carry the weight of purpose and shared meaning.  Yes,  when philosophy meets practical and theory is illustrated through the lens of a story.
When the tapestry of truth is woven in fine linen and the echoes of this attestations resonates across the crowds.

Its not just about words,  but what is being said.  The  significance of the moment  and importantly how they are being said.  
Words spoken with lightness and candor,  or with deftness and dexterity, or with weight of heart and emotion.
Speeches paint that picture of vision,  articulate the sentiments of a moment and offer the opportunity to capture,  encapsulate and to cast hope through words.  The masterful work of oratory.
I love speeches I confess.  Spoken from the heart, painting pictures of pie in the sky.  Breathing light and halos of hope for the masses.  Straight, sweet spoken with swag. Calling others to action,  initiating change and reflection in the society we are in.

I’m a word lover with a craze for beautiful words, craving for anything from a wordsmith.. Poetry,  philosophy, lyrics and any articulations in words.

There is something about speeches to stir crowds and touch hearts
There is something about chronicling a moment, capturing a time, telling a story with words
There is something with eloquence, masterfully painting a picture with words
There is something about speeches, a pulse with each word and pause….
It is an art through and through,
It is an art I love,
It is a rare art
It is a gift
A powerful one
The Gift of speech

They say words are cheap, and silence is golden

So will you speak now or forever hold your peace ~


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