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Self Love: Put YOURSelf First!



I recently watched one of the most revealing interviews from the Oprah Winfrey’s life class series on why you should put yourself first. I could say it was a quite enlightening but then again, so is all of her interview session. This particular interview however, did strike a chord within me as it was really practical and real and it was a ‘whoa’ moment for me.

In that interview, the guest speaker was explaining why is so important for us to always put ourselves first because we are God personified and are only allowed to treat ourselves the way we would treat God.  Whenever we put ourselves last and give to others in the degree that we sacrifice  ourselves, we are in variably putting God last as well as making the other person a thief because we allow  them steal from us what we need, albeit unknowingly to them.  it is according to her, ‘self-full ‘ to put ourselves first as we need to come with our cups full, the overflow is what is then extended to others.

This got me thinking, really, how often do we ignore our needs, wants and desire at the altar of what we call sacrifice, we let others win, we let them have it all, let them shine and blossom while our roses whither, die and fade away. We feel really good with ourselves and lie to ourselves that we are more pleased in seeing the other person content yet we are deprived of the same thing we give away.

I believe I am in a good position to talk about sacrifices and putting self last as that is what I have done all my life, to be honest with you, it feels good to be good to others even at your own detriment BUT the moment of truth strikes ….why exactly have we been making those sacrifices? Deep down somewhere, there is an element of people pleasing. You want to prove to yourself and to others that you are really not such a bad person, you want to impress and maybe win some acceptance.

This is a rather controversial course of discuss, I know but come to think of it, how do you give what you don’t have? How do you claim to take care of others where you haven’t taken care of that God within you, that yearning and craving for a little self care and tenderness? How do you give happiness when you yourself are not happy?

What I am saying is, treat yourself as you would God, put yourself first and let that grace flow from your overflowing cup onto others. Be full, be happy, take care of that tenderness within you then, like a river that flows without much effort, let that love, beauty, grace, glory and abundance flow to others around you. Remember Psalm 23:5b ‘… cup runneth over’.

A very wise friend of mine once told me that sometimes, making sacrifices is doing nothing at all. You don’t have to be everything to everyone, but you can be everything to yourself then be yourself to everyone else. The only thing, the only person and circumstances within your control is YOU, adore yourself a little more and watch the world fall at your feet in adoration.  You are simply amazing.

Caveat Emptor: Not caring for or about others is NEVER an option.

Adeola Bakare Uyeye

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