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What Mask Are You Wearing?

It cost much but it’s worth it, it will break you before it heals you, it will torment you until you are truthful. Your  vulnerability is not a weakness, it comes from your own strength.


Moment to Reflect:
Have you ever been embarrassed? This week I’ve had an embarrassing moment. I mean, I felt like the spot light was just switched on, right on top of me, without much preparation I found myself trying to “hide”, for a moment, I saw myself as if am in a movie. Truth be told, It’s often hard to be vulnerable and to admit certain things to ourselves or even to others. I think we often try too hard to look “good”, to be perceived in a certain way, that when the reality sets in, it’s hard to deal with. Sometimes  it’s as if we are constantly trying to be who we are not, the question is WHY? When we can just be ourselves. The fact of the matter is, there are situations in life that will often push that we remove the mask and deal with the real person, I mean, the one behind the mask.
Loose yourself to find yourself:
The pain and the freedom of being vulnerable. You can’t have one and not have the other, here! No choice, being vulnerable is about loosing yourself to find yourself. It is the sweet and sour of life, to experience freedom, you got to deal with the pain. It’s the risk we all must take, it’s a bridge, we all need to cross, if we want meaningfulness in our lives.
There has never been genuineness to anything without vulnerability. Great relationships are amongst people who are vulnerable with each other. Vulnerability forms deep connections, because being vulnerable comes with doing away with your fears.
Will you be broken, to be made, will you let go, to find, will you fade to be seen, will you admit, to be freed? There is strength in being vulnerable, know your own strength.
Will you remove the musk?


Zanele is an Author of two upcoming books and a Wellness Consultant and Mentor. She has a sparkling personality and a strong catchy spirit and regards herself as ‘reserved extrovert’. As a mother and a friend she is tender-hearted and loving and runs a mentorship programme for pre-teens and teenagers with her daughter. She is passionate about writing/journaling, wellness, personal development and family.

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