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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Truth and Gentleness..

It was amazing how the conversation from my last blog article began a long debate on Twitter. While I still believe that if a relationship has grown stale or the excitement has gone away – the light bulb is broken – the house isn’t replaced,

Dubious Generousity…

Someone once mentioned that there is always a reason and purpose for everything, well, my most recent observation is that there usually also is a ‘motive‘ for ‘giving‘. From our early years, we have been taught principles and values, of love and mutual respect, of

Creative Mondays Question and Feature of The Week!

Thanks to all #CreativeMondays Family for your enthusiastic sharing as always on today’s #CreativeMondays Question of the Week that was shared today thanks to @Entiretyinbits Question: Pen name or no pen name & why? Ok. This time round will just share the overall sentiment and

In The BattleField: The Story of David

I’m certain you know how it feels when you are in a contest and when you look at people’s faces you see doubt and unbelief. It’s like they are trying to ask you: “are you really supposed to be here?” When people do not recognize

Ubuntu, The Software that Powers Our Humanity…

Our interconnected-ness is inevitable.  Our humanity is shared.  Our essence and being and values are universal. We belong to the human race,  the human family.  One blood,  same dreams and aspirations unite us. So why the hypocrisy of difference.  Why the fallacies and misconceptions of us versus

The 7 Lessons…

Clarity with time ~zanelewithheart~ They often say that “life is a journey” and I would add to it and say, life is a beautiful journey. Discover it! Moment to Reflect: Seven is a significant number in my life, I was born on the 7th of May and so

Fix That Light Bulb!

Have you had a dream that was the most fantastical dream ever imagined? Maybe what you started off thinking was the most amazing life you could create? Or perhaps, it was the most amazing love in your life that anyone could ever have? And then?

Poetic Tuesday: Ubuntu..

I’m because you are In acknowledging you I acknowledge me As Siamese twins Knit at the umbilical cord Of life Through tragedy Or laughter Knowing that we are Inalienably bound By dreams and hopes Our common human aspiration To make it through This life To

Your Top 30 + 1 What I know for Sure on Creativity!

OK. Great #CreativeMondays Buzz as always. Here is your collective Wisdom on today’s Question as shared on Twitter ~ “What do you know ‘for sure’ on Creativity?” It’s a habit that needs fueling! ~ @JennylouPeardon Lunacy/Genius Madness/ #CreativeMondays Sometimes an obsession Originality Stay Same/ Or is that

Words of Life!

Words can build and they can destroy. They can set free and they can put in bondage too. What comes from within us in speech has a lot of influence in the world that we live in. We may not realize it at times but