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#Timspirational: Of Duality, Life Truths and Zest Living!



The World of duality.  The Good and the Bad.  Where Light and Darkness make the mix and the Magnificence of Grace connect to the lostness of the world to bring them to the knees of redemption.

We live in that world of brokenness and suffering yet full of abundance of every day miracles.  The aches and pangs of hunger,  poverty and disease and the opulence and riches of resources and opportunities. 
And then the old geezer of race that speaks of black and white and indeed the jaded clichés in between.  Time for another era of shades of Grey.  We talk of world’s developing and the developed.  Certainly a very generic classing based on a school of thought that needs a rethink.
Examine the lenses with which we see the world.

It’s so easy to get lost in the mix.  And let confusion and overwhelm reign.  The only light that should remain on in the room when all is off.  Is that of hope.  The light of hope.  Never to be doused or quenched.  It may be all there is to hold to.

What’s to hold onto in lean times when grounds are shaky? Truth,  love,  hope,  Faith.  There so much a peddler of what can give you peace or give happiness or give you significance. Be wary of quick fixes for anything. Truth be told. This hole could never be fixed from without. The light can only illuminate from Within.  But who will turn on the lights? Who will switch on the lamp to drive away the darkness? Who will do it?  Or will you scream and curse away the dark?

The construct of us, who we are and what we are about is a journey in itself.  Who we become as we go through life is the call of adventure in life itself. Definitions and auto keys plague our space and permeate our thinking. Rare to have a construct devoid of adulteration.  We are the children of brokenness,  sometimes carrying the weight of stereotypes and lies in our shoulders.  It takes courage,  I say it does.

To believe in yourself is no mean achievement.  It is a sacred duty not for the faintly,  it means you awaken and celebrate your inner light and let it lead you to the place of truth,  the journey of courage.  I realize when you break yourself and let yourself be,  you will be unbroken in the experiences of life.
It takes a man who has shouldered their truth for a distance to brave the world full of lies and drama to make something of meaning in this existence.

Let truth lead you,  let love inspire you.  Let courage strengthen you.  Let your life count each and every day.  Breath in faith breath out fear and let your shoulders broaden for a life of adventure.  Live life to the fullest!

Never surrender the definition and turn out of your life to street cheap quips,  mantras and stereotypes.  And even the self proclaimed gurus doubt their wisdom too for there is no better guru than the lense of self examination and the guts to stand up from the crowds and to dare live the life of your imagination.  It takes courage son, it takes balls.  Dream and go make it happen. 


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