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#Timspirational : Life, Exaggerated, Overrated and Boring… #Randomness



Talent is overrated.  Money venerated.
Fame exaggerated.  Level headed is dead.  Boring!

Sages are banned.  Scandal is celebrated.

Logic is good but never great.
Emotion is magic but can be tragic
Strength is good but never great
Stamina and spirit pull the carts

Hearts out.  Shoulders up.  Live bold

Madness is the only great thing.
Only those who are crazy enough
Have guts to face giants and do the unthinkable.
Both good. And bad

Lust is green eyed an estranged monster
Who needs enemies when you have one such friend within.

Infatuation is equal to inflation.  Never constant. Roller coaster.


Laughter lifts the heart
Love palpitates
Who doesn’t love to be liked?
Peace at heart a calm ocean
Heaven on land where to find?

Everything is a theory till the rubber rubs the road.  

Beauty is an illusion. The mirage of self deceit.
Talk of a butterfly dancing near fire.
Beauty is a mirror of the truth within.
The sheer delight of being in the light.

Ideas are underrated capital.

Money is neither here nor there, a missionary that knows no borders.
Action is the dream realizer.  Smart.  Dumb.
Action is never equal to mere intention and day dream.

Think.  Eat.  Sleep….

Not the social order.

Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat…

Geniuses are nurtured by problems.
Problems are the scare crows of cowards.

Life is round.

You can either walk on bended knees or enjoy the merry go round.
The world is flat. Geography is BS!
Who moved my cheese?

Believe not all that you read or hear.
Go figure!

Fart. Freak out. Fight or Flight

The nature of instinct.  Instincts of nature
Weapons of mass destruction.

Fear is your friend. Fear is your arch enemy. 

Die first then courage is born.
Run and life becomes a marathon.
Dance and music becomes your life.
Lie.  And you’ve never been lower than below. Low.
Laugh out loudly. With friends and enemies.

Never a moment to lose.

It’s called life.  Saucy.  Juicy.
Plain Vanilla.  Sometimes.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

#Timspirational #Thoughts #Philosophy #ZestLife #2015


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