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Dubious Generousity…



Someone once mentioned that there is always a reason and purpose for
everything, well, my most recent observation is that there usually
also is a ‘motive‘ for ‘giving‘.

From our early years, we have been taught principles and values, of
love and mutual respect, of kindness and generosity, we were told to
learn ‘share’ our stuff, why? Because its the right thing to do. Well,
as has become of many other things and values, this value of giving
too has been adulterated as now it almost seems that if I’m giving
something, I should at least be able to get that same quality and
quantity back in return in the nearest future, preferably more
after-all, that is the principle of giving.

I have a perfect story that illustrates this concept perfectly. A
couple years back, my siblings and I put the ‘giving’ principle to the
test and genuinely gave a fraction of our allowance out because we saw
a need and by the time we were done at the engagement we went for, we
had received ten times more of what was given..oh! That was all the
proof we needed that the principle works and so we set out to give
what we had just gotten with belief that it’ll come back in ten folds
just like the first time, well, it didn’t, at least not as we
programmed it to as I’m very sure we have been blessed in other ways
than the value of that gift.

This story came to mind when recently my sister’s kid played the ‘but
I shared mine with you’ card on her mum. I played this in my mind
repeatedly and realized that truly deep down somewhere, when we give,
a big part of us is expecting a bigger fold of what was given. This on
its own isn’t a bad expectation after-all, we have been blessed to be a
blessing to others yet we must realize that whatever ‘returns’ or
expected ‘dividend’ on our generosity, like many things isn’t usually
as we anticipate or plan suffice to say that the source of returns are
definitely not necessarily from whence it went.

Expected ‘Return on Investment’ (R.O.I) or should I call it ‘Return on
Generosity'(R.O.G) has unfortunately demeaned and rubbished the
genuine concept of generosity and kindness, love and compassion, what
we hear these days is ‘after all I’ve done for him/her’, ‘if it
weren’t for me’ and many more ‘not so nice things’. It is not
disputable that whatever you give will always and most definitely come
back to you in many folds beyond your wildest imagination and most
importantly, no one likes to be manipulated and most especially the
Universe, we will all get what we deserve as returns for our acts and
deeds as and when due.

What is the ‘motive’ behind your generosity? Is it dubious?

Adeola Bakare Uyeye

Successpreneur and Coach. Totally obsessed with Personal Development and Growth. Creative Versatilist with a Can-Do-Bring-it-on-Mindset. Passionate about Start-ups. Lover. Wife. Mother. Friend. And I Love Good Food!

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